McDonald's Denies Happy Meal Minion Swears

McDonald’s Denies Happy Meal Minion Swears

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Tényleg azt mondja a "Minyon" ? Káromkodik vagy sem a Happy Meal figura? :) 

Decide if the following statements are true, false or not stated in the text.

McDonald's Denies Happy Meal Minion Swears

Parents are left shocked when the small yellow toy, which speaks 'Minionese', appears to say "What the f*ck?".

McDonald's has been forced to defend the latest toy it is giving away with Happy Meals after some parents complained the talking Minion figurine swears.

Parents across the US have gone on social media to discuss whether the small, yellow toy says "What the f***?" or not.

Father Paul Butts posted a video on YouTube where he taps the Minion to demonstrate the expression that parents are concerned about.

"Originally we didn't think anything of it until my wife this morning was moving it out of the car seat and heard something didn't quite sound right.

"Seriously, out of a McDonald's' toy?"

In Seminole Country, Florida, grandparent Bradley Merten told his local WFTV station: "It turned out to be a toy that decided to talk profanity."

In a statement, McDonald’s blames coincidence: "Minions speak 'Minionese' which is a random combination of many languages and nonsense words and sounds.

"Minionese has no translation to, or meaning in any recognised language. Any perceived similarities to words used within the English language is purely coincidental."

The toy is being given away to mark the release of the Minions film, which is a spin-off of Despicable Me.

All of the little yellow creatures in the film are voiced by its director Pierre Coffin. They are famous for their love of bananas.


to deny


to swear


to defend


to complain


to be concerned about

aggódni valami miatt



to blame

vádolni, hibáztatni



random combination

véletlenszerű összetétel



to recognise


to perceive

észlel, felfog




hasznos melléktermék

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