Mentőkutya váltotta le a coloradói kisváros háromlábú macska polgármesterét

Mentőkutya váltotta le a coloradói kisváros háromlábú macska polgármesterét

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Egy kutya nyerte a polgármester-választást Amerikában:) ... nézd meg a választási videót is a jelöltekről :)

The Daily Treat: Colorado Town Elects Dog as Mayor

Have you ever called a politician a bonehead? Think the world would be a better place if pets made all major life decisions? Even the ones that have nothing to do with bacon or the mailman? You might want to consider moving to Divide, Colo.

Pa Kettle the bloodhound has been elected mayor of the small mountain town, reports the Associated Press. He beat out 10 other animals competing for the unofficial title in an online race benefiting the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter. Each vote raised $1 for the rescue, and the election also spotlighted groups such as Teller County Search and Rescue (for which Pa Kettle works as a search-and-rescue hound).

Pa Kettle earned 2,387 votes, shelter funding coordinator Nancy Adams told the Colorado Springs Gazette on Wednesday. The hound squeezed out a victory over Kenyi the wolf by just 55 votes. The bloodhound will replace a three-legged cat as mayor of Divide, which does not have a human mayor.


bonehead – buta, ostoba (ember)
major – lényeges
decisions – döntés, határozat
mailman – postás
to consider – megfontolni
bloodhound – véreb
mayor – polgármester
to report – jelenteni
unofficial – nem hivatalos
to benefit from – hasznára válik, javára válik
vote – szavazat
to raise money – pénzt szerezni
rescue – (meg)mentés
search-and-rescue hound – mentőkutya
shelter – menhely
to squeeze out a victory – nehezen, de sikerül nyernie
to replace - leváltani

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