Mum spends £3000 on pink baby gear and has a boy


Vajon kárba veszett a 3000 font, amit a szülők a kislányszoba dekorálására költöttek? ... ugyanis fiuk született! 

A mum-to-be spent £3,000 on pink baby accessories after being told she was expecting a girl – only to give birth to a boy.

Sarah Sharples and her husband Lee splurged out on £500 worth of clothes, £1,000 in the nursery and £900 on a pram after medical staff told her she was carrying a girl, but just weeks later she popped out bouncing baby Joseph.

Sarah said: "I couldn’t understand it when the midwife said it was a boy. All our scans had confirmed it was a girl and I had everything prepared in pink. We had picked her name, Lily-Mae, and had the room decorated with her name stencilled across the pink feature wall. We even had personalised blankets as gifts from family and friends. We looked at each other and couldn’t believe that Lily-Mae was actually a boy."

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the couple as they’d bought most of the items from supermarket chain ASDA, so they were able to return them.

Lee said: "There was so much to change and friends and family have been so helpful. We had bought most of the clothes from ASDA and they were fantastic and let us exchange everything. But we still have a lot of pink things that we can’t return and so we’re just keeping them and hoping, at some stage, we have a girl."

mum-to-be – leendő anyuka
accessory – kiegészítő
to expect a girl/boy – kislányt/kisfiút várni
to give birth to – életet adni valakinek
to splurge out on – pénzt szórni valamire

… worth of – … értékű valami
nursery – gyerekszoba/babaszoba
pram – babakocsi
medical staff – orvoscsapat
to carry a girl/boy– kislánnyal/kisfiúval várandósnak lenni
to pop out – szülni (itt: kipottyantani stílusértékkel : )
bouncing – életvidám
midwife – szülésznő
scan – ultrahang
to confirm – visszaigazolni, megerősíteni
to pick something – kiválasztani valamit
to have something decorated – kidekoráltatni valamit
to stencil – stencilezni, betűrajzoló sablonnal írni
personalised – személyre szóló
blanket – takaró
doom and gloom – világvége érzés
supermarket chain – szupermarket lánc
to return – visszavinni valamit
helpful – segítőkész
to let somebody do something – hagyni, hogy valaki csináljon valamit
to exchange – kicserélni
at some stage – egy bizonyos ponton

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