Múzeumok Éjszakája 2021 – szókincs

Idén 19. alkalommal kerül megrendezésre a Múzeumok Éjszakája. Erről az izgalmas programsorozatról olvashattok a következő cikkben.

This will be the 19th Night of Museums and this one will have a special feel to it as it’s going to be the first in-person event taking place in a long time. On 26th June museums will open their doors to the public once more and await visitors with concerts, guided tours, interactive events, family programs and other curiosities.

This year three celebrities joined the promotions for this event: actress Für Anikó, the Olympic, worldwide championship and European championship participant speed skater Liu Shaolin Sándor as well as singer Oláh Gergő.

This spring they have participated in multiple guided tours and interactive events, so that on the Night of Museums they will be able to tell stories of several experiences and recommend them to the general public.

The Night of Museums is the first national cultural event after the pandemic. This brings a big change to our culture and everyday lives, hence why the theme of this year’s event is turning point. Most museums will center their programs around this phrase.

There are all types of turning points including personal, artistic, literary and historical ones. The reason we picked this as the main theme for the Night of Museums this year is that we almost all reached a turning point at the same time in all areas of life. Each turning point is a huge milestone in an artist’s life, as later on it will have a great influence on and will bring fundamental changes to their artwork. Museums also went through numerous changes and renewals in this recent period.

This is a historical turning point as it is the first time in a long time that we can participate in such grandiose national cultural event. Additionally, the Night of Museums – which will be the 19th one this year – always takes place on the Saturday that is the closest to the summer solstice (otherwise known as midsummer night).

Compared to previous years, the armbands will be available at a lower price starting on June 12th and can be purchased at the ticket offices of the participating museums or on the jegymester.hu website. However, the discounted tickets (1500 HUF for adults and 800 HUF for children) will not be usable on public transport this year.

source (article and pictures): Night of Museums official website


to take place megtörténni
to await várni
curiosities érdekességek/ritkaságok
to participate részt venni
hence ezért/így
milestone mérföldkő
influence hatás
fundamental alapvető
artwork műalkotás
renewals megújulások
solstice napforduló
armbands karszalagok
to purchase megvásárolni
discounted kedvezményes

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