Nem hiszel a szemednek? Teljesen érthető

Nem hiszel a szemednek? Teljesen érthető

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A következő képek enyhén szólva furcsák, érthetetlenek, megrendítőek. Videós képösszeállítással is!
A Swedish artist has turned the world on its head by taking images of everyday life and distorting them into mind-boggling works of art. In one shot a man appears to pick up a tarmac road and drag it behind him like a sheet; in another a young man seems to be ironing his own body. In all photographs everyday scenes are given quirky twists, offering the viewer a different take on reality.

Erik Johansson, 24, used a computer programme to manipulate his original pictures into mind-boggling pieces of art. The artist said his crazy ideas just come to him after trying to perceive ordinary events differently. He sets out with his camera with a concept already in mind, before snapping pictures of everyday situations such as a man cycling along a road.

He then manipulates the images on his computer to create mind-boggling effects. Mr Johansson utilises the Photoshop programme to bend roads, distort human bodies and change the landscape of the countryside. In one, a man picks up a road and drags it casually behind him like a sheet.

A third depicts a normal-looking man ironing his own flattened body and another shows a labourer playing naughts and crosses in the road with a digger. Erik, who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, said: "I get inspiration from almost everywhere. I actually get most of the ideas from things that happen in my daily life. To look at a situation in a different and unexpected way can sometimes generate ideas but the best ideas I get just come to me. Everything I do is very well planned. I almost never go out photographing without any idea about what I will do with the photos. Looking for the right place to shoot the photos is actually what takes up most of my time. The time required to put the photo together is very different depending on the photos that I have. It mostly takes between 10 to 20 hours, sometimes more. I like to change my photos in impossible and strange ways. From the beginning I started to modify photos just for fun, and I still think it is."

Daily Mail

to turn sg in its head - feje tetejére állít valamit
to distort - eltorzít, kiforgat
mind-boggling - az elmét összezavaró
tarmac - kátrányos út
quirky - csalafinta, huncut
naughts and crosses - amőba
digger - ásó szerszám/gép
modify - megváltoztat, átalakít
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