New London Rail Line to be Named Elizabeth Line After the Queen

Végh Veronika | 2016. 03. 01.

London új vasút-metróvonala a királynőről kapja a nevét – cikk szószedettel és szövegértési feladattal.

A new rail line under London is to be named in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

Developers say the project known as Crosssrail will be named the Elizabeth Line when it opens in December 2018. When it is finished, the line will run for more than 60 miles (100 kilometers) from east to west, including a 13-mile (21-kilometer) underground stretch through London.

The monarch, who turns 90 in April, unveiled a sign with the purple “Elizabeth Line” logo on a visit to a Crossrail tunnel on Tuesday.

Several London transit lines already have royal connections. The Jubilee subway line was named in honor of Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee marking 25 years on the throne in 1977, while the Victoria Line and Victoria railway station are named after Queen Victoria.

The announcement was made by London Mayor Boris Johnson as the Queen visited the construction site at Bond Street station.

Her Majesty is often spotted catching the train at King’s Cross when returning to her country estate in Sandringham at Christmas. She unveiled the purple Elizabeth line logo which will feature across the network, in an Angela Kelly lilac wool crepe dress with matching coat and hat for the occasion. After greeting representatives, The Queen was taken in an industrial lift to the site 92ft below ground, where she viewed part of the railway tunnel and met construction apprentices dressed in bright orange jackets and trousers.



rail line


is to be named…

… fogják elnevezni

in honor of

valami tiszteletére


fejlesztő, kivitelező

underground stretch

föld alatti szakasz

to unveil








subway line


railway station

vasútállomás, pályaudvar

construction site

építési terület

to spot

észrevenni, kiszúrni

country estate

vidéki birtok

wool crepe


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