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Már kapható a a 3 dimenziós ételnyomtató? Ti milyen formára alakítanátok a vacsorát? :)

New Machine Allows You To Print Your Dinner

Becoming a top chef is now a matter of pressing a button thanks to a new 3D meal printer for the home. Foodini can create savoury or sweet cuisine made from real food and fresh ingredients.The machine arrives ready for use, so-called plug and play, and is operated by a touch-screen mini tablet that functions as the user interface embedded on the front of the device. You prepare the fresh ingredients (with the help of a blender, food processor, or prepared by hand), load them into Foodini’s food capsules, and watch it print your chosen recipe.

Lynette Kucsma, co-founder of the Barcelona-based comapny, says: “Foodini takes on the difficult parts of making food that is hard and/or time consuming to make fully by hand. One of our goals is to speed up some of cooking’s more repetitive activities – forming dough into breadsticks, or filling and forming individual ravioli – to encourage more people to eat healthy, homemade foods. Choose your recipe from our online recipe site, or create your own. Then let Foodini do the hard part. You prepare and load the fresh ingredients, and Foodini will create the dish.”

Lynette says the company are taking pre-order information and expect to start shipping machines by mid-2014. She says: “The cost will be around €1,000, which is around $1,300. This is equivalent, for example, to a high end food processor, and on the lower end of the price scale for a 3D printer.”

thanks to- valaminek köszönhetően
3D meal printer- három-D étel nyomtató
Savoury- sós(ételféleségek)
so-called- úgynevezett
touch-screen- érintőképernyő
user interface- felhasználói felület
blender- turmixgép
food processor- konyhai robotgép
time consuming- időigényes
goal- cél
repetitive- ismétlődő
to encourage- bátorítani
pre-order- előrendelés
shipping- szállítás
equivalent- valaminek a megfelelője
high end of price scale- felső vége (árkategóriának)
lower end- alacsonyabb vége

Fill the gaps with the words. There is one extra.

a) equivalent
c) repetitive
e) savoury
b) time consuming
d) food presser
f) goal

1. I don’t like apple pie. Can I have a ……………….. snack?
2. John quit his job because it was too ……………….. .
3. My grandmother doesn’t mind trying out ……………….. recipes. Cooking is her hobby.
4. What is the German ……………….. of “camel”?
5. What is your most important professional ……………….. ?


answer key: 1-e, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a, 5-f

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