Oscar Pistorius arrested after shooting girlfriend mistaken for intruder


Letartóztatták Oscar Pistorius-t, a világ leggyorsabb láb nélküli futóját, barátnője meggyilkolásáért. 

South African paralympic star Oscar Pistorius has been arrested after reportedly shooting his girlfriend dead in the middle of the night after mistaking her for a burglar.It happened at 4am this morning and the woman may have been killed after a Valentine’s Day surprise went tragically wrong at his mansion in Pretoria.The dead woman is Reeva Steenkamp, 30, a former FHM model who has been dating Mr Pistorius, 26, for two months.Miss Steenkamp, a law graduate from Port Elizabeth, gave an interview to the Sunday Times in South Africa last week where she described her boyfriend as ‘an impeccable man who always has her best interests at heart‘.She was shot in the head, the chest and the arm, police in the country have said, and Mr Pistorius will appear in court later this morning. Mr Pistorius is widely known as the Blade Runner, he has also been dubbed ‘the fastest man on no legs’. He has done more than any other athlete to put the Paralympics on the global map since he first won medals aged 17 in the Athens Games of 2004.The Johannesburg athlete, who was born without fibulas in his legs and had the limbs amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old, had to win a legal battle over his blades with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) in 2008 for the right to compete in able-bodied competition. He was the first double amputee to run in the Olympics and reached the 400 semi-finals in London 2012. Officers are still busy with preliminary investigations on the scene, and statements are being taken from neighbours on the luxury silverwoods estate. A 9mm pistol was recovered from the scene and a case of murder is being investigated. South Africa has some of the world’s highest rates of violent crime and some home-owners carry weapons to defend themselves against intruders. An average of nearly 50 people are murdered there each day, while there are also high levels of assault, rape, robbery and carjackings.In an interview with the Mail before London 2012 it was revealed Pistorius slept with a pistol next to his bed and kept a machine gun by a window. In the meantime, the Pistorius Mansion is on the ‘safest estate’ in South Africa. Offering a tranquil lifestyle ‘unparalleled in the Pretoria region’, it has electrified fences, armed 24-hour security guards and manned controlled access.

source: dailymail.co.uk

to arrest – letartóztatni
reportedly – állítólag, feltehetőleg
to shoot – (le)lőni
to mistake for – összetéveszteni valakivel
burglar – betörő
to go wrong – rosszul elsülni
mansion – kastály, nemesi kúria
former – korábbi, előző
to date – randizni
law graduate – jogi diplomás
to describe – leírni
impeccable – fedhetetlen, tökéletes
to have somebody’s best interest at heart – valakinek érdekeit szívén viselni
chest – mellkas
to appear – (fel)tűnni
court – bíróság
widely – széleskörűen
to dub – (itt) elnevezni
fibula – szárkapocscsont
limb – láb, végtag
legal battle – jogi csata
blade – penge
to compete – versenyezni
able-bodied – ép testű, (testileg) egészséges
competition – verseny
amputee – amputált
to reach – elérni
preliminary investigation – előzetes nyomozás
on the scene – a helyszínen
statement – (itt) vallomás
estate – (föld)birtok
to recover – (itt)előkeríteni, megszerezni
case – ügy, eset
murder  – gyilkosság
to investigate – nyomozni
violent crime – erőszakos bűncselekmény
to carry a weapon – fegyvert viselni/hordani
to defend – (meg)védeni
intruder – behatoló
assault – testi sértés, támadás
rape – nemi erőszak
carjacking – autórablás
to reveal – felfedni, feltárni
tranquil – nyugodt, békés
unparalleled – páratlan, párját ritkító
electrified fence – villanypásztor, elektromos kerítés
armed – fegyveres, felfegyverzett
manned – ember vezette, emberi irányítású
controlled access– ellenőrzőtt belépés

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