Ötször annyiba kerül Londonban szilveszterezni, mint Budapesten

Ötször annyiba kerül Londonban szilveszterezni, mint Budapesten

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... úgyhogy az angolok is inkább Prágába vagy hozzánk jönnének...

New Year's Eve in London is more expensive than Paris and New York and a quarter of Britons would rather ring in 2015 in affordable Prague or Budapest

London has been revealed as one of the world’s most expensive destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Research conducted by Travelex showed that 24 per cent of Britons prefer to celebrate abroad in cities such as Prague and Budapest where the cost of alcohol and food is cheaper. Traditionally one of the most lavish nights of the year, the survey showed that Londoners and visitors spend £336.14 per person in the capital on December 31 based on the average cost of a pint of beer, a bottle of champagne, an evening meal and admission to fireworks displays.

However, the same night out in New York was said to be £118.60, while in Budapest it was even cheaper, costing £66.81 – with the price of a meal for two as little as £22. The cheapest destination out of those surveyed was found to be Prague, where dinner and drinks were shown to cost an average of just £42.90.

Of each of the six destinations surveyed, chosen because they are within a six-hour flight of London, the UK capital was the only city that is charging to see fireworks. London Mayor Boris Johnson recently confirmed the famous Thames fireworks will have an entry fee of £10 for the first time ever. Only half the number of attendees from previous years will be let in – meaning many families won’t be able to enjoy the traditional celebration, which was previously free.

Britons would need to budget for around £245 to ring in the New Year in Paris. Although it’s not cheap, spending New Year’s Eve in the French capital is still shown to be almost £100 cheaper than in the UK capital. Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 30 per cent of people said would like to spend their New Year in New York. The Canadian city of Toronto was also found to be good value for Britons looking to celebrate abroad.

The survey also reveals that men are much more likely than women to splash the cash on New Year’s Eve, with the average UK man spending £200 on the event – 18 per cent more than the women’s average of £169.


Fill in the gaps with the right word from the table. There is one extra.


entry fee


to charge

to budget

to splash the cash

1. Not many people have enough money ……………….. these days.

2. An ……………….. student can’t afford to fly to the USA.

3. How much do you ……………….. for the house for a week?

4. You need to ……………….. about $35o for a round trip to Canada.

5. Mary decided to travel ……………….. she was afraid of flying.

answers: 1-to splash the cash 2-average 3-charge 4-budget 5-although




per cent




based on

valami alapján


átlag, átlagos





to charge

pénzt kér valamiért, felszámol



to confirm


entry fee






to budget

költséget betervezni



to be good value


to splash the cash

pénzt szórni

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