5 Perc Angol: Mit rejtegetett II. Erzsébet királynő a ridiküljében a tegnapi ünnepségen?

A tegnapi platinajubileumi ünnepség titkos díszvendégének elárulta a Királynő, hogy mit is rejteget a táskájában. Na, szerintetek mi az?

Queen Elizabeth Reveals What’s in Her Famous Handbag

The Queen didn’t attend the Platinum Party at the Palace, but she did open up the event with a fun pre-recorded sketch.

Queen Elizabeth kicked off the Platinum Party at the Palace on Saturday by teaming up with another British icon: Paddington Bear!

In a pre-recorded skit that aired for attendees at the celebratory concert at Buckingham Palace in London, the Queen showed off her comedy and acting chops while hosting the beloved character for tea. After Paddington thanks the monarch for having him during her Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the Queen asks, “Tea?”

Paddington drinks straight from the teapot, leaving only a few drips for the Queen — but she calmly responds, “Never mind.”

“Perhaps you would like a marmalade sandwich,” Paddington offers, pulling one out of his hat. “I always keep one for emergencies.”

“So do I. I keep mine in here,” the Queen says, pulling a sandwich out of her trusty handbag, an accessory that she’s rarely seen without. “For later.”

The equerry looks out the Buckingham Palace windows and lets the Queen know that the party is about to begin.

“Happy Jubilee, Ma’am,” Paddington says. “And thank you…for everything.” The Queen replies, “That’s very kind.”

Of the lighthearted sketch, a palace spokesman said: “Her Majesty is well known for her sense of humour, so it should be no surprise that she decided to take part in tonight’s sketch. There was an interest in the filming and animation process and the opportunity to invite a famous bear to tea was just too much fun to miss.”

Outside, drummers start playing the famous beginning of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Queen Elizabeth and Paddington join in by clinking their spoons against the tea cups.

Queen + Adam Lambert opened up the concert, which will star a number of recognizable performers, with Diana Ross set to helm the finale.

This isn’t the first time Paddington Bear has met with royalty. In 2017, a costumed character danced with Kate Middleton as she appeared at the bear’s namesake train station in London alongside Prince William and Prince Harry.

The skit was no doubt a hit with Prince George, 8, and Princess Charlotte, 7, who attended the Platinum Party at the palace alongside parents Kate and Prince William as well as other members of the royal family.

This isn’t Queen Elizabeth’s first time acting. At the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics in London, the monarch appeared in a sketch alongside Daniel Craig as James Bond.


to reveal felfedni, elárulni
to attend részt venni
event esemény
pre-recorded előre felvett
sketch vázlat, jelenet
to kick off elindítani
to team up with összeállni, együtt dolgozni valamin
skit szkeccs
attendee résztvevő
beloved szeretett
teapot teáskanna
drip csepp
Never mind. Ne is törődj vele.
marmalade lekvár
for emergencies vészhelyzetekre
trusty megbízható
accessory kiegészítő
light hearted könnyűvérű
spokesman szóvivő
to be well known hogy jól ismert legyen
It should be no surprise that… Nem lehet meglepő, hogy…
drummer dobos
to clink csilingelni
recognisable felismerhető
namesake névrokon
no doubt kétségtelenül

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