Repülésbiztonsági előadás a nyugdíjas otthonban

dr. Bülgözdi Imola | 2013. 10. 11.

Olvasd el – és persze nézd is meg – a 91 éves Betty White legújabb vicces videóját! 

Betty White Goes ‘Old School’ For Safety Flight Video

America’s sweetheart of comedy Betty White has teamed up with Air New Zealand to present the airline’s latest in-flight safety video. The video is the airline’s first safety video filmed outside of New Zealand and features the former Golden Girl and a cast of lively oldies set at the fictional ‘Second Wind Retirement Resort’ in the United States.

Actor Gavin MacLeod, famous for his role as Captain Stubing on TV’s ‘The Love Boat’ makes a cameo appearance while a cast of fun-loving retirees, including actor Jimmy Weldon, aka the voice of Yakky Doodle duck in the ‘Yogi Bear Show’, take audiences through the safety briefing.

Betty said: "Air New Zealand has a global reputation for creating unique in-flight safety videos. When the opportunity came up to be involved in this project, I couldn’t say no. We had a lot of fun on set and I think we’ve shown that it doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s important to live life to the full".

Air New Zealand Head of Global Brand Development Jodi Williams believes Betty White is the ideal partner for the airline’s latest safety video offering. "Air New Zealand’s brand is all about liberating from the ordinary and our safety videos have proven a great way to showcase our unique personality to audiences of all ages around the world. In Betty we found the perfect partner – she is renowned for being a little bit cheeky and with a career spanning 74 years, who better to learn survival tips from than the award-winning show business veteran?"

Past Air New Zealand safety video hits have included the Hobbit-themed ‘An Unexpected Briefing’, ‘Fit to Fly’ starring fitness guru Richard Simmons and more recently ‘The Bear Essentials’ featuring renowned television adventurer Bear Grylls.

source: REX

old-school – régimódi
to team up with – csapatban dolgozik valakivel
in-flight safety – repülésbiztonság
cast – szereposztás
fictional – kitalált
cameo appearance – cameo szerep
retiree – nyugdíjas
reputation – hírnév
opportunity– lehetőség
on set – forgatáson
to live life to the full – teljes életet élni
to liberate from – felszabadítani
ordinary – átlagos, szokványos
to showcase – bemutatni
personality – egyéniség
cheeky – szemtelen
survival tips – túlélési tippek
past – korábbi, előző
adventurer – kalandor

 Answer the questions.

1. Why did Betty White accept this role?

2. What makes Air New Zealand flight safety videos special?

3. Where is the video set?

4. Why did Air New Zealand pick the actress for their new video?

5. Who else took part in a similar project?


1. She was interested because Air New Zealand is extremely famous for its unique flight safety videos.

2. Air New Zealand want to show something different than ordinary safety briefing to show the passenger their unique personality.

3. In a fictional retirement resort in the USA.

4. Because Betty is a bit cheeky and her long career shows there is much to learn from her concerning survival.

5. Fitness guru Richard Simmons and famous television adventurer Bear Grylls.

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