Sir Anthony Hopkins surprises family living in his childhood home… and offers to buy the property

Sir Anthony Hopkins nosztalgia utazása.

Sir Anthony Hopkins surprises family living in his childhood home… and offers to buy the property

The 75-year-old Silence Of The Lambs star parked up in the street outside the semi-detached home in the small village of Margram, Port Talbot during a trip down memory lane with his Columbian-born wife Stella. But the current owner Chris Trainor spotted the showbiz couple in their chauffeur-driven car and invited them in for a cup of tea. Anthony was given a guided tour and posed for pictures during his 30-minute stay. He then asked if Chris would be interested in selling the £180,000 semi. The call centre worker was even more surprised when Anthony invited him and his family to visit him at his luxury home in Malibu, California. Father-of-one Chris, who has a two-year-old daughter called Poppy, said: “It is not every day you get a Hollywood A-list actor turn up on your doorstep.

“He was with his wife, niece and two security guards. They were looking at the house from outside so I told them to come in and made them a cup of tea. Sir Anthony went around the whole house and said he was born in my daughter’s bedroom. He said he would send us a postcard with the details of his place in LA. He said we could visit. He was really thrilled to have a quick look around our place – he said it made his New Year.”

Anthony spent the first 12 years of his life in the pre-war semi at Wern Road, Port Talbot, which stands just a mile from one of Britain’s biggest and ugliest steelworks. The couple says they would love to have a trip around Anthony’s multi-million pound mansion in sunny Malibu, California. And they say they would consider selling their home to the movie star and his wife if they made a serious offer.

semi-detached – ikerház
a trip down memory lane – nosztalgia utazás
current – jelenlegi
to spot – megpillantani
chauffeur – sofőr
guided tour – idegenvezetés
to pose – pózolni
stay – tartózkodás
to turn up – felbukkanni
niece – unokahug
detail – részlet
to be thrilled – elragadtatva lenni
steelworks – acélművek
mansion – kúria/kastály
to consider – megfontolni
offer – ajánlat

Use the glossary and fill in the gaps –  you don’t need to use all the words.

1) My friend has inherited a huge ………. in the countryside.
2) I am ………. to meet you finally.
3) It was easy to ………. him because he was wearing a bright red hat.
4) My host was very kind and caring so my ………. was very pleasant.
5) My daughter loves to dress up and  ………. in front of the mirror.
6) He said he might not ………. until later, so don’t wait for him.
7) We weren’t satisfied with his ………. so we didn’t sell him our car.
8) I spend a lot of time babysitting my ………. .
9) My ………. job is much more interesting than my earlier one.
10) We took ……….. with my grandfather and he showed me where he used to play.

Answers: 1)mansion, 2)thrilled, 3)spot, 4)stay, 5)pose, 6)turn up, 7)offer, 8)niece, 9)current, 10)a trip down memory lane

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