Ősszel is látogassunk el a gyógyfürdőkbe!


Használjuk ki az indián nyarat és nemcsak a napsugarakban, hanem a gyógyfürdőkben is fürdőzzünk kicsit!  Összeszedtünk néhány tanácsot, hogy mire figyeljünk, hogy még élvezetesebb legyen az ott eltöltött idő.

Budapest is without doubt the city of baths, therefore no holiday is complete without visiting at least one hot spring in the Hungarian capital.

Thermal baths offer an endless number of entertainment opportunities for everyone, but there are a few things worth considering before your visit. Budapest has a dozen thermal baths, all very popular among Hungarians and foreign tourists alike. Whether you are visiting the most famous baths or the lesser-known places, here are some rules that every visitor should keep in mind, based on a list compiled by Frugal for Luxury.

Visit on a weekday

It is worth doing some rescheduling to your trip to visit the thermal baths on weekdays: not only will you save some money as tickets are cheaper during the week, but you will also avoid the crowds that usually flock there on the weekends.

Select the type of ticket you need

Most thermal baths offer many different types of tickets, usually to determine the length of time the ticket enables you to use the facilities. If you are only planning on a quick afternoon splash, there is no need to pay for a full-day ticket. Please note that tickets are for no re-entry in most of these places: once you go out, you will not be able to go back in.


Some may worry about taking their kids to these places, but the general experience is that these places are very welcoming with families and their children and that kids do have the opportunity to have fun there. And if they have had too much of it, a staff member is usually always ready to help out with band-aids or anything else.

Lockers are included in the price

It might not be that obvious that the ticket you purchase does include a locker for your belongings. You are given a bracelet you can use to open the locker door. If you forget the number of your locker, just scan your bracelet on the screen provided.

Pack your pool slippers

Pool slippers or flip-flops are just as important as your swimsuit: if you do not have a clean(!) pair, you might be directed to the store to buy one – you will want to save that money for something else.

Bring a swimming cap

If you are planning to use the swimming pool, you will most likely be asked to use a swimming cap. Better to bring your own than having to buy one on the spot (see above). Also, if you have long hair, you might get asked to tie it up before entering a pool.

Bring your bottle of water

We highly recommend that you bring your own water – especially if you are visiting in the blazing summer heat or if you are planning to do a sauna session. Each thermal bath has at least a few water fountains, in case you need to refill your bottle.

Respect other people’s privacy

Many people visit thermal baths to relax and enjoy the healing power of hot springs. Whether it is the sauna or an immersion pool, keep in mind that other people might not be interested in other people’s storytelling or having wild kids splashing in the pools.

source: Daily News Hungary

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a dozen

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to compile


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‘tanga’ papucs/strandpapucs



to tie it up

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healing power

gyógyító erő

immersion pool


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