Szeptember 11. – A nap, amely megváltoztatta Amerikát


A következő leckével emlékezzünk a 2001 szeptember 11-i eseményekre. 

11th September – A day that changed the United States of America

During the early morning of September, 11 2001 the Unites States of America was attacked by a group of radical terrorists.  This date marks the first time the United States had been attacked on its own soil, since World War II.  This attack changed the United States socially, politically, and culturally.  These attacks changed diplomacy between the United States and the rest of the world.  September 11 was a major event in the history of the United States.  

On the morning of September 11 four airplanes were hijacked by a group of nineteen terrorists.  These flights were intended to go to Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Instead they were taken over and used as weapons by terrorists.  Two of these planes struck the World Trade Center buildings in New York City.  One was crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C.  And one of the planes never reached its target.  The target of the last plane is unknown.  United States officials claim that it was most likely The White House or the Capitol.  On the last plane, the passengers attempted to take back control of the plane.  The passengers almost succeeded.  When the hijackers realized they could not keep control of the plane, they crashed it.  This plane was crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  

The World Trade Center was a collection of seven buildings in the island of Manhattan in New York City.  These buildings were a major center of international trade and commerce.  Much of this area was destroyed during the attacks on September 11.  The two buildings that were targeted were the North and South tower of the World Trade Center.  These two buildings were known as the “Twin Towers”.  Shortly before nine o’clock in the morning one of the hijacked planes was crashed into the North Tower.  Minutes later, another one of the planes hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center.  New York City police and firefighters rushed to the tower to try and help those inside.  There were also dozens of civilians who had gathered around the site.  Many did not know what was happening.  Almost an hour later the towers collapse.  Many who were on the street were killed. Many of the surrounding buildings were heavily damaged or destroyed.  The damage that was done to New York City was beyond belief.  The number of people lost was tremendous.  This site became known by officials as “Ground Zero”. 

After the attacks there was a great amount of sympathy for the cities attacked.  This sympathy was felt in the United States and around the world.  Many memorials were held at the site of the attacks and in other areas.  Much of this sympathy was directed to New York City which had suffered the most damage.  Parts of Manhattan around Ground Zero were covered with pictures of people who had died in the attacks.  There was uncertainty and remorse felt by New Yorkers.  But there was also a sense of unity.  New York City often has a reputation for being an unfriendly place.  After the September,11 attacks there were dozens of stories about how the people of New York City were assisting each other in this time of need.  Families of the victims were helping each other.  

It was unclear at first what would be done with the site of the former World Trade Center.  In June of 2002 former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani and former governor George Pataki decided that they would rebuild the World Trade Center.  Together they formed the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC).  City Rudy Giuliani said “We will rebuild. We’re going to come out of this stronger than before, politically stronger, economically stronger. The skyline will be made whole again” in response to the attacks.

to be attacked by – megtámadva lenni valaki által
radical terrorist – radikális terrorista
to mark  – jelez, jelöl
soil – fold, talaj
attack – támadás
socially – társadalmilag
politically – politikailag
culturally – kulturálisan
major – fő, legfőbb
to be hijacked by – eltérítve lenni (repülő)
flight – repülőjárat
to intend to – szándékában áll valamit csinálni
instead – ehelyett
to be taken over – átvéve lenni (valaminek az irányítása)
to strike, struck, struck – üt, csap, lecsap, becsapódik
to crash – zuhanás, lezuhanás (repülő)
target – célpont
unknown – ismeretlen
to claim – igényel, állít, követel
to attempt to – megpróbál valamit csinálni
almost – majdnem
to succeed – sikerül valamit csinálnia
hijacker – repülőgép eltérítő
to realize – észrevesz, rájön
to keep control of – irányítás alatt tart valamit
international trade – nemzetközi kereskedelem
commerce – kereskedelem
to be destroyed – lerombolva lenni
to be targeted – célpontba véve lenni
to rush – rohan
dozen – tucat
civilian – civil
to gather around – összegyűlik valami köré
to happen – megtörténik
surrounding – körülvevő
heavily damaged – súlyosan sérült/károsodott
beyond belief – minden képzeletet felülmúl
tremendous – borzasztó, félelmetes, óriási
sympathy – együttérzés
memorial – megemlékezés
to suffer – szenved
uncertainty – bizonytalanság
remorse – bűntudat, lelkifurdalás
reputation for – hírnév valamiért
to assist – segít, támogat
unclear – nem tiszta
former – előző, korábbi, volt
mayor – polgármester
governor – kormányzó

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