Croissant vagy fánk … vagy mindkettő egyszerre? Az új szupersüti esete!


Az újdonság a croissant és a fánk keresztezéséből született, és az emberek 2 órát is képesek sorban állni érte! 

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Move Over Cupcakes … Hello Cro-Dough

Move over cupcakes, goodbye whoopee pies there’s a hot new bakery product in town. Cronuts – a cross between a croissant and a donut – have taken America by storm since being invented by the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York. And now the pastry sensation – renamed the cro-dough – has crossed the Atlantic and can be snapped up at Rinkoff Bakeries in London.


Jennifer Rinkoff, whose great grandfather first founded the 100-year-old bakery, is the woman to thank for bringing the tasty treat to British shores. Speaking about the birth of the cro-dough, Jennifer comments: "I saw what the Dominique Ansel was making in America and I thought no one’s making them in London, so I looked on Twitter and thought this looks really simple to make.  We have the dough here, we make croissants and danish pastries, so I went into the bakery and it took me about three days to perfect the Cro-dough – to make the height, the flavours – and it escalated from there. I put one picture of a Cro-dough on Twitter and it just blew up. Time Out magazine produced an article about me and customers have been coming from all over the country; some customers even took Cro-doughs back to Belgium".

To begin with Jennifer made just three trays of cro-doughs but demand has grown and grown and now the bakery produces hundreds. Jennifer says: "We started off with three trays (18 on a tray), but we’re now making 200 a day and selling out. We’re not able to make more because volume is not a thing for us. Sometimes we sell out at 11am and we have to make a second batch".


Hungry customers can choose from three flavours – custard, which is the most popular, as well as raspberry coulis and apple with chocolate. Describing the process of making a cro-dough, Jennifer comments: "The dough needs to be made a day or two before, it is then cut out with a machine, left for another day and then fried. Because our bakery runs 24/7 we’re always monitoring the production. It’s labour intensive; we have to inject the filling, cover and finish the Cro-dough. And frying is probably the trickiest part as you want to get a good height and colour".

Jennifer is a 4th generation Rinkoff baker – getting her baking skills from her great grandpa, her dad and his two brothers. Some of their recipes are over 100 years old and the bakery has always been located in the East End of London.

source: REX

cross – keresztezés
to take by storm – hirtelen nagy kedvenccé válik
pastry – sütemény
to rename – átnevezni
to found – alapítani
tasty – finom
dough – még nyers tészta
to perfect – tökéletesíteni
flavour – íz
to escalate – szétterjedni
to blow up – felfújni (átvitt értelemben is)
article – cikk (újságban)
tray – tepsi
to sell out – áru elfogy
batch – adag
custard – vaníliasodó
coulis – gyümölcspüré szósz
process – folyamat
to monitor – felügyelni
labour intensive – munkaigényes
to inject – befecskendezni
filling – töltelék
tricky – trükkös
generation – nemzedék

Fill in the gaps. Leave out the 3 extra words.

a) article

b) tray

c) to monitor

d) pastry

e) to found

f) generation

g) to escalate

h) filling

1. My grandfather ……………….. a brewery but it was destroyed in World War II.

2. This magazine has a good ……………….. on the fashion of the 1930s.

3. Most Italians have coffee in the morning with a ……………….. .

4. This house has been in the family for ……………….. .

5. Would you like cottage cheese or chocolate ……………….. in your crepes?

Answers: 1- e 2-a 3-d 4-f 5-h

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