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The Friends reunion has been filmed in Los Angeles: Here’s what we know

It’s almost 17 years since pop culture’s six most-famous friends were together on a film set, but ‘The One With The Reunion’ was finally shot last week.

The special one-off show brought together the sitcom‘s original cast of Matthew Perry (Chandler), Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courteney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt LeBlanc (Joey) and David Schwimmer (Ross).

Set to air on the HBO Max streaming service, the reunion was originally due to be filmed last August but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A broadcast date is yet to be announced but it’s expected to be over the next few months.

Friends was the biggest sitcom of the 1990s, and has found a new generation of fans (and critics) thanks to re-runs and streaming services like Netflix.

So, what did the gang get up to when they got back together? The exact details are a bigger secret than Phoebe’s green card marriage – but here’s everything that they don’t know that we know they know we know about the most exclusive catch-up in town.

The famous props are still there (for you)

Filming for the Friends special took place on the show’s original soundstage, Stage 24, on the Warner Bros lot in Burbank, California.

TMZ reports that while a live audience participated in the reunion, they were “mostly union extras, Covid screened and hired for the gig“, after the pandemic prevented fans from attending.

The revived set – partially based outdoors for Covid safety protocols – includes the iconic water fountain that the cast splashed around in during the show’s intro, sound-tracked by The Rembrandts’ theme tune, I’ll Be There For You.

It remains to be seen how many other props make an appearance, but pictures circulating on social media appear to show much-loved elements of Monica’s apartment, including the sofa and the empty picture frame on her door.

Chandler’s causing trouble again

Chandler Bing was known for his cheeky, dry wit – and actor Matthew Perry was fully in character on Saturday when he posted – and then deleted – a photo of himself in a makeup chair, alongside the caption: “Seconds before eating a make up brush. Not to mention reuniting with my Friends.”

What a tease…

The actor has been one of the most communicative sources for the reunion, and was the first to confirm details of the Covid filming delay last year.

He also introduced a range of Chandler-based merchandise during the pandemic, with proceeds going to aid the relief effort.

There’s going to be cast reading… maybe

Ever since HBO confirmed the reunion episode, speculation has been rife as to what extent, if at all, the cast will reprise their roles.

Speaking on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show, Schwimmer appeared to provide clarity… until he didn’t.

“I’ll be myself. I’ll be David”, Schwimmer said of the unscripted special. “We’re not in character … we’re all ourselves, the real people”.

However, he quickly added a cryptic caveat suggesting otherwise: “But there is one section, I don’t want to give away… where we all read something.”

To be fair, clarity was never Ross’s strength on the show. The debate as to whether he was “on a break” with Rachel still rages on to this day.

Jennifer Aniston provided more (or less) clarity (or confusion) about the issue while speaking to Variety magazine last year.

“I will not be Rachel, although I kind of am,” she said. “Well, we’re all sort of little fragments of them. Not really. But yeah.”

Glad that’s cleared up

As for the future of the friendship beyond the special… Well, in the words of Joey: “You can’t just give up. Is that what a dinosaur would do?”

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A cikket megelőző videóban hallottak alapján döntsd el, hogy a következő állítások igazak (T) vagy hamisak (F).

1. The series finished nearly 7 or 10 years ago.  

2.There’s nothing scripted but one section.

3.David has been watching old episodes to gen up for the reunion.  

4.David has been motivated enough to catch up with the more than 200 episodes.

5.He still needs to watch some episodes in the next five days.

1. F, nearly 17 years ago;
2. T;
3. F, he should have done but he didn’t;
4. F, he hasn’t been able to do so;
5. F, he needs to watch a lot


reunion újra találkozás
one-off show egyszeri show
sitcom szituációs komédia
cast szereplőgárda
to set to air műsorra tűzni
to be due to esedékes, hogy
valami megtörténi
due to valami miatt
re-runs újra megy a műsor a TV-ben
to get up to valamiben töri a fejét
catch-up találkozó, ahol elmesélik,
kivel mi történt
to delay késleltetni
props kellékek
to take place megtörténni
sound stage színtér (filmstúdióban)
extras statiszták
Covid screened COVID szűrésen átesett
gig előadás
to attend részt venni
safety protocols biztonsági protokoll
to splash around fröcskölni
to circulate keringeni
cheeky, dry wit pimasz, száraz humor
sources források
to confirm megerősíteni
to aid relief effort segíteni segély
rife gyakori
to reprise megismételni
to provide clarity érthetőség
cryptic caveat rejtélyes ellentmondás
to give away elárulni
to rage tombolni/
fragments részek
to clear up tisztázni
pressing engagement sürgető program
to shave (hajat) nyírni
to hop on   beszállni/
to script forgatókönyvben megírni
to gen up (UK old fashion informal) információt gyűjteni
to catch up with behozni lemaradást

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