The Hungarian Lángos is a great success in Dublin


A lángos világhódító útra lépett, az Egyesült Államok után bevette Írországot is. 

Some people thought that István Keller and his fiancé bit off more than they could chew, but their idea was actually welcomed very well: writes that they opened a small stall in Dublin to popularize the divine flavours of the Hungarian kitchen. As it turned out, the Irish are very keen on Hungarian food, especially goulash soup and lángos. István, born in the small Hungarian village of Rakamaz, named their shop Hungry Hungarian, which is probably the first thing that comes to a foreigner’s mind when hearing the word ‘Hungary’. Besides goulash soup and lángos, they make stuffed cabbage, cold fruit and peach soup with ice cream. The most surprising items on their menu might be the fruity-nutella lángos and the onion-sausage lángos.

It may be interesting that they don’t have any trouble finding the right ingredients as there are Hungarian shops in Ireland, as well as online shops. And courier mail also goes between the two countries every week.

Up till now, Hungry Hungarian’s heyday was when they were given a stall at a big festival in downtown Dublin attracting many visitors, thus they were able to introduce even more people to home flavours. “We want to introduce locals to even more Hungarian food in our own style” said István.

Some reviews about Hungry Hungarian:

“We tried everything. The goulash, lángos and fruit soups were all divine. Keep up the good work!”

“Everything was delicious, but the goulash…I had two portions!”

“Both the lángos and goulash are very tasty. I recommend this place to everyone, go and try it out! 

… but, what is lángos?

I hope they’ll broaden the repertoire. :)”

Hungarian lángos is a deep fried flat bread made of a dough with flour, yeast, salt and water (a kind of bread dough). Lángos can be made with yoghurt, sour cream or milk instead of water, a dash of sugar along with salt and sometimes with flour and boiled mashed potatoes, which is called potato lángos. It is eaten fresh and warm, topped with sour cream and grated cheese, garlic or garlic butter, or doused with garlic water. Lángos can be cooked at home or bought at markets andd street vendors around the country. The name comes from ‘láng’, the Hungarian word for flame.

Traditionally, lángos was baked in the front of a brick oven, close to the flames. It was made from bread dough and was served as breakfast on days when new bread was baked. Nowadays, lángos is deep fried in oil. Lángos is also very popular and known as a fast food at fairs and in amusement parks in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania.


Match the words and the definitions.

1 stall

a fantastic

2 divine

b cooked in lots of hot fat or oil

3 tasty

c someone who sells something

4 deep fried

d delicious

5 vendor

e a booth or stand


1-e, 2-a, 3-d, 4-b, 5-c


to bite off more than one can/could chew

túl nagy fába vágni a fejszéjét





to be keen on

rajongani valamiért

stuffed cabbage

töltött káposzta


tetőfok, csúcspont



to recommend


deep fried

bő olajban kisütött


nyers tészta







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