A királynő, Harry herceg és Obamáék vicces csatája a Twitteren :)


Nézd meg ezt a nagyon aranyos videót (szöveggel), amelyben a brit királyi család Obamáékkal került szóváltásba :)

Michelle and Barack Obama tweeted a short video where they reminded Prince Harry he had told the American athletes to ‘bring it’ to the competition, which was founded by the royal and starts on May 8. In the playful clip, they ridicule the young Prince’s confidence and state: ‘Hey Prince Harry. Remember when you told us to bring it at the Invictus Games? Be careful what you wish for.’

Three officials can then be seen making a ‘mic drop’ hand signal in the background – seen as a symbol of confidence.

The First Lady also wrote on Twitter: ‘Hey, @KensingtonRoyal! Are you ready for @InvictusOrlando? Game on.’

Prince Harry initially replied from the official Kensington Palace account with a tweet, stating: ‘Wow @FLOTUS and @POTUS, some @weareinvictus fighting talk there!You can dish it out, but can you take it? – H.’

But he then appeared to be concerned about the possible threat of competition from the Americans as he added: ‘@FLOTUS @POTUS How on Earth am I going to top that?’

The Prince, however, had a pre-prepared trick up his sleeve – a video with the Queen.

A short clip uploaded around 4pm – less than an hour after the Obamas’ footage was posted – shows the Prince sitting on a sofa with his grandmother while looking at pictures of last year’s Invictus competitors.

They appear to be concerned about an American man looking ‘incredibly fast’ during the sprinting when the Prince’s phone starts playing ‘Hail To The Chief’ – a march associated with the U.S. president.

It signalled a text from Mrs Obama, which contains the video starring the Obamas.

The Prince turns to the Queen and asks: ‘Do you want to watch this together?’ before stating: ‘Let’s have a look.’

While Prince Harry looks concerned, the Queen does not look fazed by the clip and merely states: ‘Oh really? Please.’

The clip ends with the 31-year-old Prince turning to the camera and making his own ‘mic drop’ hand signal, clearly convinced the Britons will return triumphant.

Prince Harry has been the driving force behind the Games, which was first staged in 2014 to great acclaim.

The Prince will be cheering on competitors in the sporting spectacle he said would allow them to serve their country again and ‘go out and kick the a**e out of life’.

The ethos of Invictus is to highlight the incredible effect sport has to inspire and help the recovery of servicemen and women who have been injured whilst serving their country.

The next Invictus games will be held in Orlando, Florida, next month, while the third round of games will take place next year in Toronto, Canada. One US competitor of the games said: ‘Up until my awareness of the Invictus Games, all I had been doing was living in memories. In my mind my life has been over and I was just waiting to be done because I’m not capable of doing or living like I used to. I‘m starting to think however, that my game has just begun.’

A British competitor added: ‘ I knew it’d be special but this has been something else. I can’t sum it up in words. We’ve been humbled by the support everyone has given us. We just want to say thank you to everyone. This has meant so much.’

According to Prince Harry: ‘These Games have shone a spotlight on the “unconquerable” character of service men and women and their families and their “Invictus” spirit.

‘These Games have been about seeing guys sprinting for the finish line and then turning round to clap the last man in. They have been about teammates choosing to cross the line together, not wanting to come second, but not wanting the other guys to either.

‘These Games have shown the very best of the human spirit.’

The video was immediately met with delight from fans of the royals on social media.

One Twitter users, known only as Andrea, wrote: ‘Omygosh this is too much! This Queen wins this one.’

Sally R added: ‘I think Prince Harry just won that round – well done to The Queen for her sense of fun.’

William Wearmouth simply said: ‘Her Majesty the Queen – bossing it since 1952.’

While Sarah Hallahan wrote: ‘Brilliant fun. Round 1 the Queen and Prince Harry I think.’ 

Prince Harry will travel to the U.S. next week to support the UK team in the Paralympics-style competition, which is for injured, sick or wounded servicemen and women and veterans. 

The video is not the first time the Queen has shown her sense of humour.

The monarch famously appeared in a film sequence for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics alongside James Bond actor Daniel Craig and some of her corgis. She is also known for her wit, which she uses to put nervous guests at ease.


The Invictus Games are a multi-sport event for injured, sick or wounded military personnel and veterans. Prince Harry has been the driving force behind the Games, which were first staged in 2014 in London to great acclaim. He is patron of the games, an event he is especially passionate about given that some of the soldiers he fought alongside in Afghanistan had been injured. He believes the games can help rehabilitate wounded service personnel as well as showing them their country appreciates their sacrifice.  The ethos of Invictus is to highlight the incredible effect sport has to inspire and help the recovery of servicemen and women who have been injured whilst serving their country. This year, the competition is being staged in Orlando, Florida. It will start on May 8. Prince Harry will travel to the U.S. next week to support the UK team in the Paralympics-style competition. He previously said he was ‘absolutely delighted’ the United States had decided to host the Games. More than 500 competitors from countries including Italy, Germany, Estonia, Jordan and the UK compete in 10 events – archery, indoor rowing, powerlifting, road cycling, sitting volleyball, swimming, athletics, wheelchair basketball, rugby and tennis.


to bring it

megmutatni, bebizonyítani, hogy milyen jók

to found




You can dish it out, but can you take it?

Könnyen beszéltek, de van is mögötte valami?



to have something up his sleeve

van valami a tarsolyában, tartogat valamit


izgatott, ideges



to highlight




to be injured

megsebesülni, megsérülni



to clap


to great acclaim

nagy tetszést aratva





to support

drukkolni, támogatni

to host

otthont adni

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés