The ultimate Veyron: the Ettore Bugatti


Egy kis Bugatti történelem ... és a legújabb luxukocsi! 


The last model of the limited edition Legend series pays tribute to company founder Ettore Bugatti. And it is smashing. The most expensive brand of the Volkswagen Group has introduced the final one of its six-part Les légendes de Bugatti edition named after the legends of the brand’s history.

After the Jean-Pierre Wimille, the Jean Bugatti, the Meo Constantini, the Rembrandt Bugatti, and the Black Dress, please give it up for the cream of the crop, the Ettore Bugatti edition. The final Legend named after the company’s founder will be as exclusive as they come with only three cars ever to see the light of day. Based on the Veyron 16.4 grand sport vitesse and powered by a 8.0-liter quad-turbo w16 engine, the Ettore will hit 0 to 100 km/h in 2.6 seconds and have a maximum speed of 408.84 km/h.

The spectacular carbon body exterior of the hand-crafted gem will be based on 1932 type 41 royale. For the first time the entire front and side panels will be made of hand-polished, clear-coated aluminium, while the vehicle’s rear panels and A-pillar trims will be made of dark-blue exposed carbon. The obligatory signature of Ettore Bugatti will be located on the backside just below the logo, while the car’s polished, diamond-cut wheel rims designed specifically for this vehicle will be carrying the initials EB. The interior of the car will be no less spectacular featuring two types of brown leather tanned for six months, blue fibreglass, polished aluminium surfaces and grey blue plastic similar to the back panel.

The Ettore Bugatti will be priced at €2.35 but will probably sell out in a flash anyway as the three cars fill three of the last 15 slots before the Veyron retires for good.

limited edition – limitált kiadás
to pay tribute to – megemlékezni valakiről
founder – alapító
smashing – hatalmas, Pazar
brand – márka
to introduce – bevezetni, bemutatni
to be named after – valaki után elnevezve lenni
cream of the crop – a legkiválóbb
spectacular – látványos
exterior – külső
hand-crafted – kézzel készített
gem – drágakő
side panel – oldalelem
rear panel  – hátsó elem
trim – borítás, szegély
obligatory – kötelező
wheel rim – felni
initial  – kezdőbetűk, monogram
to sell out – teljesen elfogy valami
in a flash  – egy szempillantás alatt
to retire – visszavonulni, nyugdíjba menni
for good – örökre

Ettore Bugatti

The man, who made the Bugatti named world renown for fine luxury automobiles and highly competitive racing cars, Ettore Bugatti was born in Milan, Italy. In 1902, he moved to Germany to begin a career in the growing German auto industry. In 1909, Bugatti created the automobile company bearing his name. Following World War I, the French-German border changed, which resulted in Bugatti’s company operating in French-controlled territory.

The Bugatti name soon became known throughout the world for automated and accurate manufacturing processes combined with exquisite artisanship. Bugatti cars competed with Rolls Royce and Auto Union’s Horch brand, building cars of the highest quality for the wealthy and powerful. During the 1930s, the Bugatti Royale Type-41 became one of the most sought-after luxury cars of all time. Bugatti cars also developed a fine reputation in the field of auto racing. The Bugatti Type-35 dominated the racing scene for several years while facing tough competition produced by Fiat, Mercedes and Bentley.

In 1947, Ettore Bugatti became a French citizen. He died that year at the age of 66. The Bugatti name today remains famous for fine styling and craftsmanship and outstanding engineering.


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