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Több, mint 20 év elteltével érkezett a válasz! 

Message in a bottle returned to woman 20 YEARS after she threw it into the sea

When schoolgirl Zoe Lemon threw a bottle with a message inside into the sea she soon forgot about it. But 23 years later she has been stunned to receive a reply – after the bottle was discovered more than 350 miles (562 km) away in the Netherlands.

Zoe, who has since married and lives in Salford, tossed the letter into the sea as she left Hull on a ferry for a family holiday to Germany when she was just 10. The mum – whose surname is now Averianov – was flabbergasted when her parents called for Christmas and said they had post from Europe. It turned out to be a reply to her letter from Piet and Jacqueline Lateur from near Rotterdam.

Piet was walking his dog in the Oosterschelde dykes, near where he and his wife Jacqueline live, when he found the bottle with Zoe’s letter inside. Zoe, 33, who works in a jewellery shop and lives in Pendleton, said: “It’s been a bit crazy really. My parents came to visit on Christmas day and they had this letter from Europe addressed to my maiden name, Lemon. The first thing I saw was my handwriting as a child and my little letter saying who I was and about my pets and my hobbies. It made me a bit emotional.”

Since receiving the letter, Zoe has been in contact with Piet via email and asked to see photographs of where the bottle was found. He told her: “I am keeping your little letter on my piano. I know you are no longer a little girl but you asked me to write you so I have.” 

source: www.mirror.co.uk

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to throw – dobni
to be stunned megdöbbenni
reply – válasz
to toss – hajítani
ferry – komp
surname – családnév
flabbergasted – elképedt
to walk the dog – kutyát sétáltatni
dyke – védőgát
maiden name – lánykori név
to be emotional – elérzékenyülni
to be in contact – kapcsolatba lépni, tartani a kapcsolatot valakivel
via – keresztül

Match the synonyms.

1. surname

a) answer

2. to toss

b) family name

3. dyke

c) shocked

4. reply

d) to throw

5. stunned

e) dam

answers: 1-b 2-d 3-e 4-a 5-c


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