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Az angol úriember éppen tévét nézett a nappaliban, amikor egy hatalmas sas repült be az ablakon - szöveg videóval és feladattal :)

Watch moment EAGLE swoops through window into living room

Wendy Morrell couldn’t believe her eyes when the huge eagle swooped into her front room while she was watching TV. The 45 cm tall Russian Steppe eagle flew through open patio doors and into her loungeknocking over ornaments with its 120 cm wingspan as it landed on the wooden display cabinet before pecking at a bowl of pot pourri.

Wendy’s friend Karen Ruddlesden put on a winter jacket and glove for protection and tried to lure the big bird down. When that failed the pair placed pieces of ham outside in a bid to tempt it but with no joy.

They then phoned a bird of prey rescue centre near their home in Poole and an expert spent 30 minutes getting the young eagle off its makeshift perch using a dead chick. It was then reunited with its owner and falconer James Moore who revealed the young bird was called Storm and was being trained to ward off seagulls at a nearby landfill site. It had been reported missing three days prior to turning up at Wendy’s house after it was frightened by a loud bang and broke its tethers.

The Russian Steppe eagle – Aquila nipalensis in Latin – originates from Russia, Mongolia and Romania and winters in Africa and India. They can grow to 76 cm tall with a wingspan of up to 213 cm. They feed mostly on carrion but will also hunt rodents and small mammals as well as small birds.

source: www.mirror.co.uk

to believe one’s eyes – hisz a szemének
eagle – sas
to swoop – lecsapni
patio – terasz
lounge – nappali
to knock over – ledönteni, felborítani
wingspan – fesztáv
display cabinet – üveges vitrin
protection – védelem
to lure – csalogatni
to fail – nem sikerül
to tempt – valamire csábítani
bird of prey – ragadozómadár
rescue centre – menhely
perch – ülőrúd (madáré)
to be reunited with – visszakerül hozzá
falconer – solymász
to ward off – elijeszteni
seagull – sirály
landfill – szeméttelep
prior to – előzőleg, ezelőtt
tether – póráz, pányva
to winter – telelni
carrion – dög
rodent – rágcsáló
mammal – emlős 

Match the words with the definitions.

1. bird of prey

a) animals that give birth to their young and are covered in fur

2. mammal

b) the distance between the wing tips of a bird

3. seagull

c) animals like squirrels, mice, hamsters, etc.

4. rodent

d) birds who hunt for meat

5. wingspan

e) aquatic bird with long pointed wings and short legs

answers: 1-d 2-a 3-e 4-c 5-b

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