What Was The First Google Doodle?

What Was The First Google Doodle?

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Rövid olvasmány a Google logók történetéről. Természetesen szószedettel és egy kis feladattal! 

What Was The First Google Doodle?

As specialty stand-in artwork, Google doodles serve as a sort of informal day calendar for the entire Internet. They are used to celebrate historical events, famous birthdays, groundbreaking inventions, and pretty much anything else deemed worth of replacing the search engine's ubiquitous logo for a day.

But when did this tradition start?

According to Google's official doodle history, the first one wasn't used to commemorate or celebrate anything, but rather serve as an "out of office" note.

In 1998, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were headed out to desert festival/spiritual quest/"thinkfluencer" summit Burning Man, and they wanted to playfully let site users know they were out of town. They re-did the company logo to include a Burning Man-inspired stick figure behind the second "o" (pictured above) and posted it on August 30.

The idea didn't return for another two years, when the two asked intern Dennis Hwang to design a doodle for Bastille Day. It was a hit, and soon Hwang became doodler-in-chief. Today, an entire team of graphic designers creates multiple doodles per day for use on Google's various international websites.

source: mentalfloss

Let’s practice the words from the text. Fill in the gaps in the sentences.

1. He wasn’t at home, he just left a small …………… on the table before he left.

2. After finishing his schools he started to work as an …………… first.

3. The new …………… made work in the factory much easier.

4. Several presidents and prime ministers were present at the …………… .

5. Today the trams are …………… by buses on this line.

6. His new movie was a real …………… and made him famous and rich.

7. After work all the men were  …………… to the match.

8. She wasn’t an artist at all, she was only able to draw …………… .

9. Inhis books he wrote about his …………… for the meaning of life.

10. They were happy to find an oasis in the …………… at last.


1. note

2. intern

3. inventions

4. summit

5. replaced

6. hit

7. heading out

8. stick figures

9. quest

10. desert



firkálás, egyszerű kis ábra


helyettes, helyettesítő

groundbreaking invention

innovatív, úttörő találmány

to deem worth

érdemesnek tartani

to replace



mindig, mindenütt jelenlevő

to commemorate

megemlékezni, megünnepelni

to serve


out of office

házon kívül


üzenet, feljegyzés



to be headed out







keresés, kutatás



Burning Man

Amerikában évente megrendezett művészeti és önkifejezési fesztivál

stick figure





siker, telitalálat

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