William, Kate and the Royal Baby Boy – Part 1.


Rövid sorozatunkban bemutatjuk Vilmos herceg és Katalin hercegné szerelmének történetét, egészen gyermekük, György Sándor Lajos herceg megszületéséig. 

The romance between William and Kate has been one of the greatest love stories of modern times and with the birth of their baby, a whole new chapter begins in the long history of the royal family and the monarchy in the United Kingdom.

Kate Middleton went into labour on the morning of the 22nd of July and gave birth to a baby boy at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, West London at 4:24 pm, where William himself was born in 1982. The baby boy, named George Alexander Louis, will be the third in line to the throne after his grandfather Charles and his father William. It was also the hottest day of the year in London!

Prince William

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, was born in St Mary’s hospital on the 21st of June in 1982. He was the first child born to Prince Charles and Princess Diana, one year after their wedding on the 29th of July 1981.

Along with his younger brother Harry, William was very close to his mother Diana. She did her best to give them a normal, loving childhood. This was something that her husband did not have and was one of the many reasons for their turbulent relationship. In many ways William is the first of the modern monarchs, someone who understands the responsibility of being a future King but also thanks to his mother, has a strong understanding of the people he may one day lead.

The prince attended Ludgrove Primary School before gaining admittance into Eton College, one of the most exclusive public schools in England. In fact, 19 former British Prime Ministers attended the school, where pupils board or stay usually between the ages of 13 and 18. For his A levels he achieved an A in Geography, a C in Biology and a B in Arts History. While at college he was also an excellent sportsman.

Afterwards, the young prince took a gap year in which he travelled the world. During this time he spent 10 weeks teaching children in Southern Chile. He was also involved in charity work, just like his mother.

He attended the University of St Andrews from 2001 to 2004 attaining a Scottish Master of Arts degree. In 2006 the Prince attended the Sandhurst military training academy and graduated in December of that year. He received the rank of Lieutenant. He then went on to join the Royal Air Force. For male members of the royal family, military service is seen as compulsory but because he was second in line to the throne he never saw active service.

In his life the Prince has been affected by many tragedies, but two stand out. Firstly, the divorce of his parents, much of which was played out in the media, and secondly, the tragic death of his mother in a car crash, in 1997. The two young princes had to grow up very quickly.

Kate Middleton

Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was born in Reading on the 20th of January in 1982. She grew up in a small village, called Chapel Row in Berkshire, in the English county-side. Her parents are not part of the aristocracy. Her parents set up a company in 1987, called Party Pieces, which sells party products through mail order and online. The company is worth in excess of £30 million. Michael Middleton is the first commoner to be father to a Queen consort. Kate has a sister, called Philippa better known as Pippa and a brother, called James. She has worked as a buyer for the fashion company Jigsaw and also has worked for her father’s company.

The Duchess is very popular with both the public and the media. She is also a very fashionable young lady. One of her favourite designers was Alexander McQueen who unfortunately died in tragic circumstances. Her wedding dress was designed by Sarah Burton. As the Duchess of Cambridge, she has a very important role to play in promoting British fashion companies and designers, such as Burberry, Erdem, Stella McCartney, Jane Corbett and Emilia Wickstead.

chapter – fejezet
royal family – királyi család
monarchy – monarchia
to go into labour – megindul valakinél a szülés
to give birth to – életet adni valakinek
the third in line– harmadik a sorban
throne – trón
along with – valakivel közösen
childhood – gyermekkor
reason – ok(a valaminek)
turbulent – zűrzavaros, féktelen
responsibility – felelősség
future King – leendő király
understanding – megértés
to attend – járni valahova (iskola)
to gain admittance – felvételt nyerni valahova
to achieve – elérni valamit
afterwards – valamit követően, valami után
gap year– kihagyott év
to be involved in– valamibe bonyolódni
to attain – elérni, megvalósítani
military training – katonai kiképzés
to graduate – egyetemen végezni/érettségizni
rank – katonai rang(jelzés)
Lieutenant – főhadnagy
Royal Air Force – Királyi Légierő
compulsory – kötelező
service – szolgálat
to be affected by – valami által érintve lenni
to stand out – kiemelkedni
to set up a company – megalapítani egy céget
to be worth – érni valamit/valamennyit
in excess – több, mint
commoner – közember, nem nemes
consort – hitves, házastárs
popular with – népszerű (valakik körében)

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