Feladatsor hely- és időhatározó prepozíciókkal


Gyakoroljuk a prepozíciókat ezzel a feladatsorral. 

I. In, on, or at? Find the right preposition for each sentence.

1. Can you do this ….. a week?

2. We can meet …. Sunday morning.

3. Mary was waiting for me ….. the bus stop.

4. Why don’t you finish your homework …. the afternoon?

5. The movie starts ….. 5 o’clock.

6. You left your phone ….. the table.

II. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions of place.

1. There are four people and a dog …. in the picture

2. I saw a handsome man sitting …. the bar.

3. I was here first. Can you please stand ….. me?

4. The knife comes ….. the spoon and the plate.

5. Are you …. the kitchen? Can you brew me a coffee?

6. I love being …. the beach with a good book and an iced coffee.


III. Find the best solution.

1. What are you planning to do AT / ON your anniversary?

2. On Christmas Day, there were many presents UNDER / BETWEEN the tree.

3. Will you come AT / INTO the sitting room?

4. I can see a limousine IN / ON the picture.

5. We live ON / IN Wimbledon.

6. Munich lies 530 meters ACROSS / ABOVE sea level.


I. 1-in, 2-on, 3-at, 4-in, 5-at, 6-on

II. 1-in, 2-at, 3-behind, 4-between, 5-in, 6-on

III. 1-on, 2-under, 3-into, 4-in, 5-in, 6-above

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