Grammar QUIZ: Countable or uncountable?

Grammar QUIZ: Countable or uncountable?

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Choose the best way to fill in the sentences.
1. ... played by women too?
A: Is billiards
B: Are billiard
C: Are billiards
D: Is biliard
E: Is billiard

2. I have known them since they ... .
A: were babies
B: were baby
C: were babys
D: are babies
E: were babes

3. ... an important part of a person's life.
A: Childs are
B: Childrens is
C: Children are
D: Child are
E: Childrens are

4. ... supposed to be a science.
A: Economics is
B: Economics are
C: Economy is
D: Economic is
E: Economic are
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5. A ... blown up by terrorists.
A: gasworks was
B: gaswork was
C: gasworks were
D: gaswork were
E: gasworkz were

6. ... something not everybody likes talking about.
A: Politics are
B: Politicz is
C: Politic is
D: Politics is
E: Politic are

7. Your ... blunt.
A: scissores are
B: scissor is
C: scissors are
D: scissor are
E: scissors is

8. His new ... too long.
A: trouseres are
B: trousers is
C: trouser are
D: trousers are
E: trouser is

9. The crashed ... T605.
A: aircraftes are
B: aircraft is a
C: aircraft were
D: aircraft are
E: aircrafts is a

10. All the ... blocked by protesting drivers.
A: crossroades are
B: crossroad are
C: crossroads is
D: crossroad is
E: crossroads are

11. The written ... more liberal.
A: media are
B: medio is
C: media is
D: medias are
E: medium are

12. My ... the largest in the neighbourhood.
A: family is
B: family are
C: familys are
D: familys is
E: families is

13. The ... that we must stay here because they are comming.
A: news are
B: new is
C: news is
D: new are
E: newes is

14. Warm ... essential in Siberia.
A: cloth are
B: clothes are
C: cloths are
D: clothz are
E: clothes is

15. I think the ... not very effective.
A: police are
B: police is
C: policemens are
D: policeman are
E: policemans is

16. The 'Sunflowers' ... Van Gogh's most famous work.
A: is
B: have been
C: are
D: could
E: were

17. This ... very dangerous.
A: crossroadz is
B: crossroad is
C: crossroad are
D: crossroads is
E: crossroads are

18. The lost ... very important.
A: data was
B: data were
C: datum was
D: data waz
E: datum were

19. The ... too young for the film being shown.
A: audiense is
B: audiences is
C: audience are
D: audiense are
E: audiences are

20. Mark and Marie ....
A: were stepbrother and sister
B: were stepbrothers and sisters
C: is stepbrother and sisters
D: is stepbrother and sister
E: is stepbrothers and sisters

1.A 2.AE 3.C 4.A 5.A
6.D 7.C 8.D 9.B 10.E
11.C 12.A 13.C 14.B 15.A
16.A 17.D 18.A 19.C 20.A
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