The perfect match. Choose which beginning goes with which ending.


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Match the beginnings with the endings of a sentence!

1) The children stopped fighting

2) My sister had eaten most of the sandwiches

3) She made dinner and cleaned the whole flat

4) She had been playing tennis all afternoon

5) I’ve only met her twice

6) The kids were jumping on the beds

7) I didn’t meet her at all

8) She played tennis in the afternoon

9) She had been to buy a present

10) I was going to the cinema


a) while they were out walking the dog.

b) when I stepped into their room.

c) since she moved back to the city last year.

d) as soon as Mrs. Stern entered.

e) when I slipped and sprained my ankle.

f) before she baked a cake.

g) while she was living here.

h) by the time all of the guests arrived.

i) and then she went swimming in the evening.

j) so she was dead tired when she got home.


Answers: 1) d, 2) h, 3) a, 4) j, 5) c, 6) b, 7) g, 8) i, 9) f, 10)

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