Feladatsor a jelen és a múlt idő gyakorlására (2)


Gyakoroljuk egy kicsit a jelen és múlt időket ezzel a feladatsorral. 

I. Fill in the gaps with the right time adverbs. In some cases there is more than one correct solution.

a) once a week

c) for two weeks

e) since 2010

b) since I graduated

d) every day

f) never

1. She …….. calls her uncle, I wonder why.

2. The pond is grey and muddy. It’s been raining ………

3. I haven’t seen Abel ………

4. Louise and Patrice go to the French bakery ……..

5. Joanna has been living in New York ……….

6. When I was a child, I visited my grandmother ………


II. Fill in the gaps with the words in brackets. Use the right tenses.

1. Apollo 11 …….. (land) on the Moon in 1969

2. When ….. you last …….. (see) your father’s cell phone?

3. Andy and Anne were sunbathing while Brian and Bianca …….. (cook) lunch.

4. Tom ……. (write) short stories since the age of 11.

5. Put the jug down. I ……. (water) the plants this morning, the soil is still wet.

6. Sheila ……… (spread) gossip all the time. It’s so annoying.


III. Match the sentence beginnings with the endings.

1. Anna and Elsa went to the cinema

a) with her brothers now.

2. Stephanie has bought

b) so upset today?

3. Frank is going to the

c) aren’t you?

4. Why have you been

d) park right this minute.

5. Merida is playing

e) makes her own lunch.

6. You are cold,

f) yesterday.

7. Julia always

g) haven’t you?

8. You have been to Bristol,

h) ice cream next to the light tower.


I. 1-f 2-c 3-b/e 4-a/d 5-b/e 6-a/d

II. 1-landed 2-did see 3-were cooking 4-has been writing 5- have watered 6-is spreading

III. 1-f 2-h 3-d 4-b 5-a 6-c 7-e 8-g

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