Tenses – Igeidők – feladatsor


Gyakoroljuk ezzel a gyors feladatsorral az igeidőket! 


Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the correct tense.

1.    I usually wear elegant clothes to work but today I ________ jeans. (wear)

2.    How many of Nabokov’s books ______ you _______ ? (read)

3.    We __________ for two hours when the captain told us to fasten our seatbelts. (fly)

4.    I ______________ very well recently. I’m so exhausted. (not sleep)

5.    I _________ the last chapter by Friday, so I’ll send it to you then. (finish)

6.    This time next week I _________ a book on the beach. (read)

7.    What ________ he _______ when you came home? (do)

8.    Women ___________ wear trousers in the last century. (not used to )

9.    I was quite busy yesterday. I woke up, went to work, had a meeting, then I ______ home. (come)

10.My husband and I met four years ago. I __________ him since that moment. (love)

11.When we arrived, the match ____________. (already, start)

12.‘Do you have any plans for the weekend?’ ‘Oh, yes! We _________ for the whole weekend to a lovely bed and breakfast in the country.’ (go away)

13.‘Excuse me, can I use the photocopier?’ ‘I’m sorry, I _________  it at the moment.’ (use)

14.‘Don’t worry! I _______ anybody your secret.’ (not tell)

15.While I was working, my husband ________ dinner. (cook)

16.Look at those clouds. I think it __________. (rain)

17.I felt really nervous because I __________ before. (not fly)

18.Politicians say that unemployment __________ next year. (decrease)


1.    am wearing

2.    have you read

3.    had been flying

4.    haven’t been sleeping

5.    will have finished

6.     will be reading

7.    was he doing

8.    didn’t use to

9.    came

10.  have loved

11.  had already started

12.  are going away

13.  am using

14.  won’t tell, haven’t told

15.  was cooking

16.  is going to rain

17.  hadn’t flown

18.  will decrease

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