Keresd a választ! – Hasznos kifejezések teszt

dr. Bülgözdi Imola | 2013. 10. 21.

Mini-párbeszéd: mit is kell válaszolni?

Pick the right reply.

1) Do you mind if I open the window?

a) Yes, if you must.
b) Not at all.

2) Can I pay by card?

a) Sorry, cash only.
b) It’s up to me.

3) I’ll call for you at 9.

a) OK, I’ll pick you up.
b) I’ll be ready.

4) What was your holiday like?

a) The South of Greece.
b) Absolutely brilliant.

5) I’m afraid Mr Schwartz is out. Will his secretary do?

a) I’ll try later, thanks.
b) She’s very good indeed.

6) It’s ages since we last met. Where have you been?

a) Two years at least.
b) Away on a course.

7) Have you got time?

a) Sorry, not really.
b) My watch has stopped.

8) A pumpkin soup and some toast and butter please.

a) Anything to drink?
b) Enjoy your meal.

9) Right. I’m going now.

a) Now’s fine by me.
b) OK. See you later.

10) I managed to pass the test.

a) Good luck!
b) Congratulations.

Answers: 1-b 2-a 3-b 4-b 5-a 6-b 7-a 8-a 9-b 10-b       


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