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Recycling center workers climb into container to find man’s lost wedding ring

Employees at a recycling center in England came to the rescue when a man accidentally dropped his wedding ring into a sorting container.

The North Tyneside Council said James Ross, 38, was dropping off some cardboard to be recycled at the Household Waste Recycling Center in North Shields when the wedding ring fell off his finger and vanished into the depths of the container.

“It was a container where you push the rubbish through an opening. It was very cold. My hands were cold and, as I was shaking out the box, suddenly the ring was just gone. I don’t know if it caught the edge of the box, but my heart just sank,” Ross said.

Ross alerted a nearby employee, who informed officials of the incident. The machinery was shut down and soon four workers had climbed inside to search for the ring.

“It was like looking for a needle in a haystack as there was a huge mound of waste to search through and we had the added difficulty of ensuring we kept our distance and followed the COVID guidelines. We were just about to give up when I spotted it, I was over the moon,” Plant Operator Jordan Cooper said.

Ross said he was overwhelmed with relief to be reunited with his ring.

“The ring was caked in rubbish and grime, but it was amazing to have it back,” he said. The staff were life savers. They’ve gone way beyond the call of duty, being as nice and polite as they can be.

“My wife was over the moon, she thought I was making up an elaborate story. We can’t thank them enough.”

source (article, picture): UPI, North Tyneside Council

A cikk elolvasása után találd meg a szövegből származó szavak/kifejezések magyarázatait. rescue
A. an event that is either unpleasant or unusual vanish
B. to invent an excuse, a story, etc., often in order to deceive
C. something that is impossible or extremely difficult to find, especially because the area you have to search is too large alert
D. more than what someone can be expected to do as their duty spot insure make up a story be very pleased find a needle in a haystack
G. to warn someone of a possibly dangerous situation be over the moon
H. to disappear or stop being present or existing, especially in a sudden, surprising way
9.beyond the call of duty
I. to help someone or something out of a dangerous, harmful, or unpleasant situation ensure
J. to see or notice someone or something, usually because you are looking hard

source: Cambridge Dictionary

keys/megoldások: 1.-I.; 2.-H.; 3.-A.; 4.- G.; 5.-J.; 6.-B.; 7.-C.; 8.-F.; 9.-D.; 10.-E


employees alkalmazottak
to rescue kimenekíteni
sorting container szétválogató konténer
(itt karton szemét számára
fenntartott konténer
to fall off leesni
to vanish into eltűnik valamiben
edge széle
to alert riasztani
incident eset
needle in a haystack tű a szalmakazalban
mound of halomnyi/
to ensure biztosítani
guidelines irányelvek
to spot észrevenni/
to be over the moon nagyon boldognak lenni
to be overwhelmed with relief megkönnyebbülés vesz
rajta erőt
to cake masszába tömörödni
grime piszok
to go way messze meghaladni
beyond the call of duty kötelességét
to make up kitalálni
elaborate gondosan kidolgozott/

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