Egy csokornyi ’wrap’ – szókincs és feladat

Karácsony közeledtével egyre több mindent csomagolunk be. De vajon csak a becsomagolásra használja az angol a ’wrap’ igét?

  1. Wrapped (becsomagolt; kiugrik a bőréből örömében)as an adjective it means something is covered with paper or some material(in Australia, slang) it’s about a person’s feelings when they’re extremely excited
    or happy because of something

  2. Wrap up (becsomagolni)as a phrasal verb it means the same as ’wrap’, to cover something with paper, they have
    the same meaning; or you express rudely that somebody should shut upas a noun it means that there is a news block on TV (wrap-up)
  3. Wrap (someone) up (bebugyolálni valakit)as a phrasal verb it means that you cover somebody with clothes or blankets to protect them
  4. Wrap something up (véget vetni valaminek)as a phrasal verb it also means that you end or finish something
  5. Wrap around / Wrap round (betekerni valamit/valakit valamivel)as a phrasal verb it means that you put something around something else,
    you must state what is the covering
  6. Have (someone) wrapped around (one’s) finger (ujja köré csavarni)as an idiom it means that somebody has complete control over someone else,
    they manipulate the other person
  7. To keep (something) under wraps (titokban tartani valamit)as an idiom it means that you keep something as a secret or you conceal something
  8. That’s a wrap! / It’s a wrap! (Csapó! Itt a vége!)as an expression it means that you announce the end of something, an activity, an event or a
    project has been successfully completed. It is often used at the end on film sets.


A magyarázatok után, teszteld új tudásodat a következő mondatokban.

  1. My best friend’s girlfriend has him _____________her little finger.
  2. Has your workmate _______her project yet, or is she still working on it?
  3. I must _________this smelly cheese in the fridge.
  4. I love when my husband’s arm is __________my waist.
  5. Come on, I can’t listen to your complaints, ___________!
  6. It’s cold here. I will ____you ____nice and tight with this blanket so that you won’t catch a bad cold.
  7. Your daughter will be _______to hear that you’ve bought her concert tickets for Christmas.
  8. Oh, I’ve hit the jackpot!! I must keep it ___________otherwise I will have loads of false friends.
  9. Your _______presents are hidden in my flat so that you can’t find them before Christmas.
  10. Okay, guys! _________! You’ve done a great job, thank you for your efforts!

keys/megoldások: 1. wrapped around; 2. wrapped up; 3. wrap up; 4. wrapped around; 5.  wrap up; 6. wrap, up; 7. wrapped; 8. under wraps; 9. wrapped; 10. That’s a wrap

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