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Nézzünk meg egy rövid jelenetet a ’Hogyan veszítsünk el egy pasit 10 nap alatt’ (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days), című filmből szószedettel és egy kis feladattal! 

Two New Yorkers fight the battle of the sexes to a standstill (without entirely realizing it) in this romantic comedy. Andie (Kate Hudson) is a young journalist who longs to cover political stories, but in the meantime, she finds herself writing for a women’s magazine called Composure, where her editor Lana Jong (Bebe Neuwirth) has her writing a fluffy advice column. After hearing of the latest dating laments of her relationship-challenged friend Michelle (Kathryn Hahn), Andie sells Lana on the idea of writing a piece on the things women do to alienate the men they love, which she’ll demonstrate by winning and then driving away a man in a mere ten days. Meanwhile, Ben (Matthew McConaughey) is an advertising man who wants to land a prestige diamond account at his firm. Ben is competing with his pals, Spears (Michael Michele) and Green (Shalom Harlow), for the assignment, so Ben tells his boss Phillip Warren (Robert Klein) that he’s the man for the job because he understands the fair sex so well he can make any woman fall for him in less than two weeks. As fate would have it, Andie and Ben end up choosing one another for their mutual assignments, with neither knowing about each other’s secret agenda as Ben strives to hold on to Andie while she does everything in her power to annoy him. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days was loosely based on the self-help book of the same name (subtitled The Universal Don’t of Dating) written by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long.

source (text, pictures and video): How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (1/10) Movie CLIP – How It’s Done (2003) HD, MovieclipsA videó megnézése után döntsd el, hogy az egyes részekre vonatkozó három állításból, melyik a helyes a videóban elhangzott információk alapján.

Knicks tickets

The term “Knickerbockers” traces its origin to the Dutch settlers who came to the New World – and especially to what is now New York – in the 1600s. Specifically, it refers to the style of pants the settlers wore…pants that rolled up just below the knee, which became known as “Knickerbockers”, or “knickers”.

In 1809, legendary author Washington Irving’s book introduced the word “knickerbocker” to signify a New Yorker who could trace his or her ancestry to the original Dutch settlers.

With the publication of Irving’s book, the Dutch settler “Knickerbocker” character became synonymous with New York City. The city’s most popular symbol of the late 19th and early 20th centuries was “Father Knickerbocker”, complete with cotton wig, three-cornered hat, buckled shoes, and, of course, knickered pants.

The Knickerbocker name had its first use in the sports world in 1845, when Alexander Cartwright’s Manhattan-based baseball team – the first organized team in baseball history – was named the “New York Knickerbockers” or the “Knickerbocker Nine.” The Knickerbocker name stayed with the team even after it moved its base of operations to Elysian Fields at Hoboken, NJ in 1846.

Thus, the Knickerbocker name had been an integral part of the New York scene for more than a century when the Basketball Association of America granted a charter franchise to the city in the summer of 1946. The final decision to call the team the “Knickerbockers” was made by the club’s founder, the legendary Ned Irish. It soon was shortened to Knicks.

In keeping with another New York tradition, the team’s colors have always (except for the years from 1979-80 through 1982-83) been orange, blue and white…the official colors of New York City.

source: NBA


the battle of sexes a nemek harca
to a standstill megakadni/holtpontra jutni
to long vágyódni valamire/valakire
fluffy komolytalan
to lament siránkozni
relationship-challenged kapcsolatokban kihívásokkal
to sell sy on rábeszélni valakit valamire
to alienate elidegeníteni
to drive away elűzni
mere csupán
to compete with versenyezni
the fair sex szebbik nem
to fall for beleesni valakibe
As fate would have it A véletlen úgy akarja
mutual assignments közös megbízatások
agenda napirend/
to strive törekedni/
to annoy idegesíteni/
loosely lazán/
nem szorosan
to subtitle alcímezni
Knicks tickets
(New York Knickerbockers)
egy profi kosárlabdacsapat, amely az NBA Keleti főcsoportjában, az Atlanti csoportban játszik, mérkőzésére szóló jegyek
to be hooked imádni valakit/oda lenni valakiért
catchy frappáns
advertising hirdetés
can’t help it nem tudja megállni, hogy ne tegye
purse (US) retikül 
You are just on a
whole different
playing field
Totál másik pályán játszol.
(nem a megszokott
játékszabályok szerint játszol)
Here you go Tessék!
Guess what? találd ki
embarrassing zavarba ejtő
you are


to peek through bekukucskálni valamibe
oaf mamlasz/
to knock it over felborítani
clumsy ügyetlen
by accident véletlenül
subconsciously ösztönösen
to deny tagadni
subconscious desires tudatalatti/
ösztönös vágyak
psycho-babble pszicho-gügyögés
to click csattintani
that’s how it’s done Na, így kell ezt csinálni!
settlers telepesek
to refer utalni valamire
pants (US) nadrág
to signify kifejezni/
to trace ancestry kinyomozni a származásukat
wig paróka
buckled shoes csatos cipő
knickered pants
buggyos térdnadrág
to grant engedélyezni
In keeping with lépést tartva valamivel

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