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Object: Confirmation of employment and recommendation

To whom it may concern:

This will confirm, that (name) has been employed by (your company name) for (duration). During this time, (he/she) has displayed great leaderships skills and a unique ability to identify and solve problems. (he/she) has been instrumental in streamlining our (specify department/process). (his/her) experience in (specify) has been a very valuable asset, one that can certainly be of great value to any company utilizing (his/her) services. (name) is loyal and always places the welfare of the company above all else. (his/her) long hours and patience with employees under (him/her) and with management, not to mention (his/her) great cumstomer relation skills, make (him/her) an ideal employee. If available, (he/she) can certainly count on re-employment with our firm, should the opportunity arise.

Any company considering this individual for employment has my most enthusiastic recommendation. As (his/her) performance has indicated, (he/she) is destined to achieve new heights in (his/her) career and set new records for (his/her) future employer, as (he/she) did here.


(your name)
(your title)
(your phone number)

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