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6 olyan angol szóról fogtok olvasni, melyek olasz eredetű jövevényszavak.

6 Italian Loan Words in English

Italy has given a lot of different things to global culture. The food, the art, the music, and the history of Italy are all well- known around the world. Since this is the case, it makes sense that Italian loan words are common in English.

Let’s check out some common Italian loan words.


From the Italian “concerto.”

Do you like going to concerts in your free time? A concert is a performance of live music. This can be for any kind of music. It could be a classical concert or your favourite rock band. Going to a concert to see your favourite musicians play is a great way to spend your time. A concert can be a very exciting night out!


From the Italian “cartone.”

A cartoon is a drawing or animation, which is usually funny. Cartoons can be in the newspaper or on TV. There’s a whole cartoon section in the newspaper. I think watching a funny cartoon is a good way to unwind!


From the Italian “novella.”

Novels are books with a story that is made up. Some people prefer reading books about things that actually happened. However, I think novels are very interesting and fun. We have the Italians to thank for this great loan word!

Al fresco

From the same.

This is a great Italian loan word to know in summer. In summer, many people eat al fresco. If you eat al fresco, it means that you eat outside.


From the Italian “ombrello.”

An umbrella is a piece of cloth that is stretched over metal. You can use an umbrella to keep rain off you. I don’t mind using umbrellas when it’s rainy, but I always forget my umbrella at home!


From the Italian “Moneta.”

Money is a word we use every day. Money is paper that we use to pay for things. These can be things that we need or want. When you work a job, you are paid in money. Money is a very useful thing to have, since we can’t buy anything without it!

source: Italian loan words in English, BeSpeaking.com


loan words jövevényszavak
to makes sense értelme van
common gyakori
animation rajzfilm
to unwind lazítani
to make up kitalálni
cloth anyag
to stretch kifeszíteni
to keep off távol tartani
don’t mind nem bánja valami
since mivel

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