Az ízletes Rubik kockák! – szókincs, videó

Sokakat megihletett már a Rubik kocka, de hogy meg is kóstolhassuk édességként vagy akár levesként is? Erről szól a következő rövid cikk, a videóban pedig a Rubik torta receptjét is megismerhetitek.

The iconic Rubik’s Cube was born 44 years ago and has conquered the world since then, having inspired world-famous brands, high-tech architects, Hollywood film producers, and master confectioners all around the world. Check two of them out below!

What does the Rubik’s Cube taste like?

The exciting colour scheme of the Rubik’s Cube first inspired a French master confectioner, Cedric Grolet, who combined sweetness and creativity in his Rubik’s Cube-shaped cake that was made of 27 individual pastries. As MyModernMet reports, the culinary creation includes such avant-garde flavour pairings as apricot, cherry, rosemary, and tarragon. The elegant design of the special cake can be attributed to the sophisticated colour combination, including whimsical and neutral colours with golden decorations. The dessert was presented at Le Dali restaurant, part of the prestigious Le Meurice hotel in Paris.

As Femcafe reports, you can also prepare your own Rubik’s Cube cake at home. The dessert is made in about two and a half hours, but it is well worth the effort. In order to realise an impressive design, you will need food colouring and a “pound cake” or sponge cake base. Slice the pound cake (or sponge cake), spread vanilla cream on it, grate lemon zest on it, cover it with jam, and make small cubes out of it. Then make the marshmallow fondant, knead small dumplings from it, add food colouring to it, and coat the small cubes with the coloured fondant, then place the cubes on a slice of chocolate and assemble the Rubik’s Cube. You can make it in a smaller or larger size – the result will definitely be fun, imaginative, and divinely delicious.

Japanese noodle soup

Not only as dessert but also in the form of soup, we can taste the flavours of the Rubik’s Cube. As Startlap reports, Toyo Suisan Kaisha presented an instant Japanese noodle soup themed Rubik’s Cube for those who would like to try something different. The unique instant soup is available in green and red colours, packaged in a box of instant noodles, containing a silver bag of spices. This time, the task of the consumers is much simpler, as only one side of the cube needs to be put together. Toyo Suisan Kaisha’s new Rubik’s Cubes are available on Amazon Japan for 2,880 JPY (about $26).

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to conquer meghódítani
brands márkák
master confectioners cukrászmesterek
colour scheme színsémák
to be inspired megihletve lenni
to combine egyesíteni/összekombinálni
pastries sütemények
culinary creation kulináris alkotás
flavour pairings ízpárosítások
rosemary rozmaring
tarragon tárkony
to be attributed to valaminek tulajdonítani
sophisticated kifinomult
whimsical szeszélyes/hóbortos/furcsa
prestigious rangos/tekintélyes
to be worth the effort megéri az erőfeszítést
to realise a design megvalósítani egy tervet/
pound cake egyensúlytészta
sponge cake piskótatészta
to spread megkenni
to grate reszelni
zest héj
marshmallow mályvacukor
to knead gyúrni
to assemble összeállítani/összerakni
divinely delicious istenien finom
unique egyedi
available elérhető
to contain tartalmazni
spices fűszerek
consumers fogyasztók

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