Best case scenario: Pro packing tips for stress-free travel

Best case scenario: Pro packing tips for stress-free travel

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Közeleg a nyár, foglalkozzunk egy kicsit az utazással! 

Best case scenario: Pro packing tips for stress-free travel

Choosing a suitcase can be an adventure in itself.

Packing it properly with just the right contents is a form of art.

Get it right and your vacation will be a joy of lightened luggage containing just the right outfits.

Get it wrong and it'll be a misery of excess baggage charges, strained back muscles and cursing at the bewildering logic that led you to pack 17 pairs of shoes for a barefoot beach trip.

There are a basic set of lessons to packing like a pro.

Here are some tips.

Unless you really can't travel without taking every single thing you own –  plus a few extra sweaters just in case – these days taking only what fits in an overhead bag is the way to go.

A bag should be light enough empty that when packed its weight is still easy enough to hoist overhead.

Bags weighing less than 2.7 kilograms are ideal, and those that are roomy with smart compartments like an exterior accessible laptop section.

It is possible to fit two weeks worth of clothing into a carry-on, the items just have to be carefully packed.

First, pack a foundation of neutrals, like a top, jeans, a white shirt and a black dress for women.

For men, a navy polo, jeans, a white, button-down shirt and black slacks.

Then add in color in the form of sweaters, blouses and skirts for women – blazers and collared shirts for men -- for mix and match variety.

Yes, we know you won't exactly be setting the fashion world alight, but never mind.

Ten pieces of clothing can turn into 14 outfits if properly planned.

Women can achieve this by packing four bottoms, four tops, a sweater or blazer and a dress.

Guys can do the same, subbing the tops for shirts and tees and the dress for shorts, weather permitting.

Each article of clothing should go with any other in the collection.

Cut the footwear

Three pairs of footwear should accommodate the needs of any trip that doesn't involve the Malaysia International Shoe Festival. Pack one dress pair, one casual pair and one comfort or athletic pair, the bulkiest of which should be worn on board.

Shoes should be packed soles to the side of the case going all around the edge, leaving space in the center for clothes.

Socks, undergarments and any other small goods should be stuffed into shoes to maximize space. The footwear keeps its shape and no crevice is left unaccounted for.

Bags keep shoes protected and clothes clean.

Maximize that "personal item"

Most airlines allow passengers on board with one carry-on plus one personal item provided it fits under the seat.

Take advantage of the opportunity to stow that extra outfit that didn't fit in the carry-on.

Keep the item light to avoid piercing shoulder pain when running to a gate to catch a flight.

Electronics and chargers, valuables like jewelry and travel documents should be kept here so they're close at hand and extra safe.

An emergency snack to get through at least the first leg of a flight can ward off disappointment when the airline doesn't even provide peanuts.

Avoid gadget glut

Gadgets galore can be cumbersome and unnecessary.

Instead of dragging along an iThis and iThat, load up storage-capable smartphones with music, movies and memos, grab some headphones and leave the rest at home.

Tote tailored toiletries

Now that security regulations have relegated grooming products to checked-in bags, leave behind goods that are added luxuries.

Hotels are good for lotion, soap and shampoo, and personal items beyond that can be squeezed into travel-size to-go containers.

These easy-to-load silicone tubes hold products and prevent drips.

Stay secure

Safety is paramount. Make sure your passport is in your bag before you set off.


Can you find the words in the text that mean the same?

1. asection of a journey

2. aset of clothes worn together

3. apiece of luggage you can take on board with you on an airplane

4. trousers

5. taking up a lot of space

6. without shoes or other footwear

7. to lift

8. confusing

9. most important

10. aplace to store things


1. leg

2. outfit

3. carry-on

4. slacks

5. bulky

6. barefoot

7. to hoist

8. bewildering

9. paramount

10. compartment




a form of art

egyfajta művészet


ruha, ruhaösszeállítás


szenvedés, kínlódás

excess baggagecharge

túlsúly díj


meghúzott, megrántott

back muscles


to curse at something

átkozni valamit


zavarba ejtő





just in case

ha netán szükség lenne rá

overhead bag

az ülés / a fejünk fölött lévő rekeszbe beférő táska

way to go

a megfelelő mód/dolog

to hoist






exterior accessible

kívülről elérhető

a carry-on






to set the world alight

lenyűgözni a világot

to sub


tee = T-shirt


weather permitting

ha az időjárás megengedi

to go with

egymáshoz illeni

to cut


to accommodate the needs

kielégíti az igényeket

a dress pair (of shoes)

elegáns cipő


terjedelmes, nagy





no crevice is left unaccounted for

egy kis hely sem marad kihasználatlanul

to stow

elrakni, eltenni



to be close at hand

kéznél lenni

leg of a flight

a repülőút egyik szakasza

to ward off disappointment

megóv a csalódástól


valami özöne, túl sok valamiből


bőven, bőségben


kellemetlen, kényelmetlen


bőséges memóriával rendelkező

tote tailored

kézipoggyászhoz alakított

to squeeze into





legfontosabb, mindenekfelett való

to set off


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