Dear Santa – Letters to Santa Claus


Mit kérnek a gyerekek a Mikulástól? Íme néhány aranyos, vicces és megható levél:) 

‘Dear Santa, please help my sister get better – and bring me a saxophone’: Children’s heart-warming and hilarious letters to the North Pole revealed.

An Instagram hashtag is allowing parents around the world to share their children’s weird and wonderful letters to Santa, with requests including everything from ‘two packs of gum’ to ‘a princess castle’.

The festive tag #lettertosanta also showcases a number of notes from kindhearted youngsters whose only wish this holiday season is for those less fortunate than them to receive something nice from Santa.

‘Finally I have been waiting for Christmas to come all year,’ one young girl called Maddy wrote in her letter. ‘I hope that the poor people will be safe.’ She later asks Santa to send her ‘a maths book with problem solving’.

One young boy called Christian, who clearly has incredibly expensive taste, lists a variety of ornate jewels and precious gems on his list, before asking Santa Claus to help make his sister feel better. I want crystals and diamonds and a big gold ring with red rubies and a big blue crystal and a big bit of gold. ‘This is what [I want for] Christmas,’ he writes. ‘Crystals and diamonds and a gold ring with red rubies and a big blue crystal and a big bit of gold and blue rubies. And I hope my sister gets better. And an electric guitar and a saxophone. Love from Christian.’

In an adorable letter to Father Christmas, one youngster asks that he find a friend for his stuffed animal Terry.

‘What I would like most for Christmas is a friend for my stuffed animal called Terry who’s a penguin,’ the letter explains. ‘Because Terry feels a bit lonely. He would like a friend who looked similar to him.’

Others are much more specific about what they would like to find under the Christmas tree this year, with one young girl requesting nothing other than ‘new bows’ in her letter.

‘Dear Saint Nick, hello!’ she writes. ‘I hope you have the most excellent Christmas. This year, I need some more bows. First of all, some of my bows don’t even match my clothes. That is a big deal to me. I had bows since I was a baby. I believe I need some more bows.’

Another eager letter writer has made Santa’s job even easier, listing just one simple item on his Christmas list: a magazine. Other children are happy to give old Saint Nick the chance to be a bit creative with his gift giving, asking him to choose something that he thinks they might like.

‘St Nicholas (Santa),’ young Bianca writes. ‘I want to wish you a Merry Christmas… May I have two packs of gum and other sorts of stuff.’ She signs off at the end of the letter: ‘Love you silly boy.’

Then there are the children whose letter come with very strict instructions about how Santa should deliver their gifts – and there are even those who include warnings about what will happen to him should he fail to get them what they ask for. One child explains: ‘Dear Santa Claus, I have a stocking. It is new. If you bring a lot of stuff, use the big stocking. If you bring not so much, use the little one.’

Rather surprisingly, a number of the letters featured don’t include any requests at all – but rather include lovely stories and anecdotes which the authors wanted to share with Santa in order to brighten up his holiday – or in some cases to explain away any bad behavior which might land them on the naughty list.

Young Mia wants nothing more than to ensure anyone without food is given some at Christmas Another child adds: ‘Dear Santa Claus, how are your reindeer? How are you feeling? I have been very good this year. Sometimes my brother and I fight but we love each other!’

source: Daily Mail

Can you give the English equivalent of the following words?

1. Mikulás

2. rénszarvas

3. Északi-sark

4. karácsonyfa

5. karácsonyi (ajándék) lista

6. harisnya

7. Boldog karácsonyt!


1. Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nick, St Nicholas

2. reindeer

3. North Pole

4. Christmas tree

5. Christmas list

6. stocking

7. Merry Christmas.





nevettető, mulatságos, nevetésre késztető

North Pole







díszes, gazdagon díszített

precious gem







bájos, elragadó



to match

illeni, összeilleni

That’s a big deal.

Ez nagyon fontos.





should he fail to

ha netán elmulasztaná


rossz, csintalan, pajkos

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés