Diet do’s and don’t’s


Fogyókúrával foglalkozó leckénkből megtudhatod mit szabad és mit nem szabad csinálni, ha diétázol. 

When you are on a diet, there are rules you have to follow, otherwise you won’t lose any weight! Let’s see some of these rules!

1. Change your eating habits!
2. Don’t diet! Make a permanent change in your lifestyle!
3. Limit, but don’t cut out high fat foods!
4. Eat more frequently!
5. Eat 4 or 5 smaller meals a day! Digesting burns a lot of calories, so ear more often and burn more calories!
6. Never eat before bed! Have your last meal at least 2 hours before bed.
7. Eat slowly.
8. Eat foods that take a lot of energy to burn: these include most vegetables and proteins sources such as meat.
9. Weight loss diets are not easy, so give yourself a break sometimes!
10. Plan one day ahead when you can eat whatever you want. 

What did you eat yesterday?

Sarah is a 23 year-old student from Cambridge. She is talking about her daily diet to a dietician to know if she eats properly or not. Brian Stewart is a nutritional expert; he helps her chose healthy food.

Sarah’s food diary

BREAKFAST: “I had a croissant with jam and butter then a cup of coffee latte.”
The expert’s opinion: Michelle’s diet today is too high in fat. To cut down on fat, she should have her coffee with low-fat milk. Instead of having a croissant with jam and butter, she should have a roll with ham, low-fat cheese and some slices of cucumber and tomato.”

LUNCH: “I didn’t feel well, so I only had a bowl of home-made chicken noodle soup.”
The expert’s opinion: “A good bowl of home-made chicken soup helps relieve colds and makes people feel better in general, so it’s always a good choice. Michelle is low on fruit and vegetables, so I suggest a bowl of salad after the soup”

SNACKS: “I got a box of chocolates last week for my birthday and I had a couple of them. They are so delicious! In the afternoon I also had a handful of crisps.
The expert’s opinion: “One or two chocolates are fine as a treat but too not too many. Crisps can be fine, too but not after chocolates as they’re very high in fat and salt. Instead of crisps she should go for an apple.”

DINNER: “When I got home from school I didn’t feel like cooking so I ordered a pizza.”
The expert’s opinion: “Pizzas are also very high in fat and there are plenty of quick meals that are much lower in calories and fat, for example a chicken and vegetable pie." 

dietician – dietetikus
nutritional expert – táplálkozási szakember
opinion – vélemény
to be high in … – magas a … tartalma
to cut down on – lecsökkenteni valamit
instead of – valami helyett
home-made – házi készítésű
to relieve – enyhíteni, segíteni
to be low on – keveset fogyasztani valamiből
to suggest – javasolni, tanácsolni
a handful of – egy maréknyi …
crisps – chips, rágcsálnivaló
to go for something – valamit választani

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