Drinking At This Pub Actually Does People Some Good

Drinking At This Pub Actually Does People Some Good

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Olvasás-értési és szókincsfejlesztő feladat egy rendhagyó pubról. 

Drinking At This Pub Actually Does People Some Good

Have a pint, change the world.

Back in 2009, a group of young people from Oregon decided to open a pub. But not just any pub.

Their goal was to bring the community together by empowering people to make actual change in the world.

"What if charity doesn't have to be a solitary and sober act. What if it's a celebration?" the founders wondered.

In 2013, world's first nonprofit pub opened its doors.

The Oregon Public House operates daily from noon to late evening. It has a few full-time employees to maintain the premises and serve customers. But other than that everyone helping the "philanthropub" operate does it on a voluntary basis.

"This is a profit-generating machine for, and only for, the charities we support," states the pub's website.

Okay, so how does this work exactly?

Whenever you're at "The Oregon Public House" ordering food or drinks, you can also choose a charity you'd like to support. That charity then gets 100 percent of the net profits from your purchase.

According to the pub's founders, they donated over $25,000 in their first year alone and seek to donate $10,000 per month once the business gets fully on track.

"We get customers who come in who have no idea what we're doing here. I love watching their eyes light up when we explain the concept," one of the founders, Ryan Saari, told online publication Reason.

The trend of "philanthropubs" and "altruism" has been on the rise with new pubs and breweries opening in Texas, Minnesota and elsewhere. However, there were some shots of criticism fired, like when Stephen Colbert said that "good deeds and booze is a dangerous combination."

Saari disagrees. He says that the bar is not only as a great place to enjoy food and drink. He describes it as a "community centre for change and action" where people can learn about the simple ways they can make a change in the world.

Find the definitions of the following expressions, please.

pint, goal, empowering, solitary, sober, founder, purchase, altruism, brewery, good deed, booze

1.    something that makes you confident and strong

2.    the act of buying something

3.    doing something good

4.    a measure to liquid equal to about half a litre

5.    willingness to do things that bring advantages to others

6.    the person who creates a business or an organisation

7.    alcohol

8.    something you want to reach

9.    something you do alone

10.  not drunk or affected by alcohol

11.  a place where beer is produced


1.    empowering

2.    purchase

3.    good deed

4.    pint

5.    altruism

6.    founder

7.    booze

8.    goal

9.    solitary

10.  sober

11.  brewery



0,473 liter



to empower

képessé tenni


egyéni, magán





on a voluntary basis

önkéntes alapon





to get on track

beindul, sinre kerül


fogalom, elképzelés





good deed

jó cselekedet


alkohol, pia

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