Every Princess Is Forced To Follow These Ten Surprisingly Strict Rules

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Minden kislány álma, hogy egyszer hercegnő lesz. De vajon az igazi hercegnőknek milyen az élete? Nem könnyű… Hogy élnek? Milyen szabályokat kell betartaniuk? A leckéből kiderül.

I know I have my tiara all polished up — it makes my sweatshirt and yoga pants look super fancy — but do you think you have what it takes to be a real-life princess?

Turns out it’s more than just dressing the part. Being a princess means representing an entire country, and it’s a full-time, all-consuming job.

I know, I know…but she’s still a princess! She does, however, have to follow these ten surprisingly strict requirements.

1. Learn as Many Languages as Possible

Modern-day princesses have to know as many languages as possible, so that when they visit diplomats from foreign countries, they can have at least most of the conversation in their native tongue.

“Où sont les toilettes?” (Where are the toilets? in French) for example, would always be good to know.

2. Stay Impeccably Groomed

This might be a deal-breaker for me, as my look could best be described as, “I wasn’t planning on leaving the house.”

Princess Kate goes to the salon at least three times a week for a blowout on top of haircuts and stylings. She’s never caught in a bad moment, and she’s an ideal example of a perfectly primped princess.

So much for running errands in your gym clothes after an intense workout.

3. Give Up Your Voting Rights

At least in England, that is. While there is no official law, the people of England consider it unconstitutional for the royal family to participate in elections, as they are supposed to represent the entire country.

Once you become a princess, there’s no more voting if you want to remain in the country’s good graces.

4. Give Up Your Wild Side

A princess is usually pretty proper, but if she had any semblance of a wild side before, she’s going to have to kiss that goodbye when she marries into the royal family.

There aren’t to be any scandals, no matter how small, coming from her or her family. And you know how “fun” can lead to “scandals,” you guys.

5. Prepare For a Life of Formalities

Nicknames aren’t allowed in the royal palace, Queeny.

And you better get used to being called “Her Royal Highness, the Princess ____ of ____.”

Actually, I could get used to hearing that, as usually I hear “Her Royal Pain in the A*#.”

6. Live By the Queen’s Household Rules

The queen dictates a lot of the little things that go on in the day-to-day lives of the royal family.

For example, everyone has to stop eating as soon as the queen is finished with her dinner, even if they’ve hardly touched it.

Sigh…I guess you better make sure you eat fast if you want to become a princess and still finish your food.


7. Go To the Best Schools and Events

To become a princess, you have to meet a prince. The likeliest places to do that are at the most prestigious institutions of higher education or at very high-end balls, galas, or charity events — apparently not down at the local pub with a pint.

So anyone expecting to be a princess had better get herself accepted to the best schools and on the lists for those events.

It also looks much better, and it is better, for a princess to be well-educated, as she holds such a place of high importance in society.

8. Give Up Any Other Career Path

Even if you went to the fanciest schools in the world to get the degree of your dreams, your dream to be a princess better call to you even stronger (despite that whole, “not eating after the Queen is done” thing).

Princess Kate has a degree in art history, but she’s a full-time princess (and wife and mother) now.

9. Skip Running For Office

A princess should never run for political office for similar reasons to the ban on voting. She’s a representation of the whole country already, and running for a political office with a certain party would create a divide.

10. Find Causes You Care About

A major part of being a princess is doing a lot of charity work, and being a caring figure for the country.

Most princesses find one or two causes that they truly care about and work toward making improvements in those areas.

source: twentytwowords.com

Princess ‘Who is Who?’ Which princess belongs to which country?

1. Princess Kate

a. Spain

2. Princess Sofia

b. The Netherlands

3. Princess Stephanie

c. Great Britain

4. Princess Letizia

d. Monaco

5. Princess Máxima

e. Sweden


1. c.

2. e.

3. d.

4. a.

5. b.



diadém, tiara

to dress the part

a pozíciónak/szerepnek megfelelően öltözni




mindent felölelő, magában foglaló


elvárás, követelmény

native tongue





ápolt, gondozott


ajánlatot bontó dolog


hajkiegyenesítés, hajvasalás



to run errands

megbízásokat, tennivalókat lebonyolítani



voting rights

szavazási jogok

official law

hivatalos törvény





to remain in sy’s good graces

valaki jóindulatában megmaradni


illedelmes, rendes


árnyalat, árnyalatnyi








drága, felső kategóriás

charity event

jótékonysági esemény

art history



tilalom, tiltás




odafigyelő, törődő


javulás, előrehaladás

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