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Ebből a leckéből mindent megtudhatsz a britek egyik kedvenc "nemzeti" ételéről, a Fish&Chips-ről, sőt a videóból az is kiderül, hogyan tudod otthon elkészíteni!


Fish and chips is the classic English take-away food and is the traditional national food of England. It became popular in the 1860’s when railways began to bring fresh fish straight from the east coast to the our cities over night.

The fish (cod, haddock, huss, plaice) is deep fried in flour batter and is eaten with chips. Traditionally, the fish and chips are covered with salt and malt vinegar and, using your fingers, eaten straight out of the newspaper which they were wrapped in. Now-a-days small wooden forks are provided and the fish and chips are wrapped in more hygienic paper.

In the north of England, fish and chips is often served with "mushy peas" (mashed processed peas).

"Did you know?" – Néhány érdekesség a fish and chips-ről:-)

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1. Approximately 10% of all potatoes – 500,000 tonnes – eaten in the UK are sold through fish and chip shops.

2. In Scandinavian countries, fish and chips are called "fiskefilleter".

3. Charles Dickens mentions a "fried fish warehouse" in Oliver Twist (1837).

4. Most of Sheffield’s chip shops give customers free Henderson’s Relish, a locally produced sauce resembling Worcestershire sauce.

5. London’s plush Dorchester Hotel has fish and chips on its menu.

6. While not exactly a health food, fish and chips does provide the body with protein, fibre, iron and vitamins.

7. More than 250 million portions are eaten in the UK every year.

8. New York has four fish and chip shops; the first to open was called "A Salt & Battery".

9. For one of its parties, the Yorkshire Society of Singapore imported not only the fish and chip ingredients but copies of the Yorkshire Evening Post to wrap them in!


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We’re going to show you how to make a fish and chips with English beer batter. Fish and chips is a popular favourite around the world. This recipe makes an extra crispy batter that will melt in your mouth. You’ll need the following ingredients to serve 2 people:

– 2 fish fillets
– 1.5 litres of vegetable oil
– 140 gr of flour
– 50 gr of corn starch
– 1 tsp baking powder
– 1 egg
– 250 ml beer
– 1tsp salt
– salt and pepper
– French fries to garnish

You’ll also need the following utensils:
– a saucepan
– 2 bowls
– a whisk
– a slotted spoon
– a large fork
– a tray
– some kitchen towel
Preheat the oil. Add all oil into a pan. Turn medium heat. Let heat until hot enough for frying. Make the batter. Add flour, the corn starch, the salt and the baking powder into a bowl. Mix them together. Mix the egg and the beer. Pour the beer into a bowl, add egg and mix them well. Complete the batter. Transfer the beer mixture into the bowl with the flour mixture. Whisk well for a couple of minutes until it becomes lump free. Prepare the fish. Pat dry with paper towel. This helps to fry better as excess water makes it less crispy. Run your fingers along the surface to check for bones. Check the temperature of the oil. Drop some batter into the oil. If it fries immediately without burning, the temperature is correct. Dipone fillet into the batter and coat it completely, then place the fillet into the hot oil. Take care not to burn yourslef. Only fry one fillet at a time, otherwisetemperature would drop or the fillet might stick together. Turn the fish. Let the fish fry for 4-7 minutes, depending on its size. Flip it at least once to ensure it cooks evenly. Remove it when it becomes light golden brown. Transfer it to a tray with kitchen paper. Repeat it with the remaining fillet.

TIP: Place the fish on a ray if you have one, as this will make the batter crispier. It goes well with chips or French fries. Season it with salt and pepper.

baking powder – sütőpor
batter – tészta (nyers)
bone – csont
bowl – tál
burning – égő, égés
cod – tőkehal
corn starch – kukorica keményítő
crispy – ropogós
enough – eléggé
evenly – egyenlő arányban
fillet – filé
fishbone – szálka
following –következő
fork – villa
haddock – foltos tőkehal
heat – hő
ingredients – hozzávalók
kitchen towel – konyhai papírtörlőkendő
lump free – csomómentes
malt vinegar – maláta ecet
mashed – összenyomott, pürésített
mushy – pépes
national food – nemzeti étel
otherwise – máskülönben
plaice – lepényhal
popular – népszerű
railway – vasút
remaining – megmaradó
saucepan – serpenyő
size – méret
slotted spoon – lyukacsos kanál
straight – egyenesen
surface – felszín
takeaway food – étel elvitelre
temperature – hőmérséklet
to add – hozzáad
to become, became, become – válik valamivé
to coat – befed
to deep fry – forró, bő olajban kisüt
to depend on – függ valamitől
to dip – belemárt
to drop – ejt, cseppent
to ensure – biztosít
to flip – feldob, megforgat
to garnish – körít valamivel
to melt – elolvad, olvad
to mix – összekever
to pat – megütöget
to preheat – előmelegít
to prepare – elkészít
to provide with – ellát valamivel
to remove – eltávolít, kivesz
to stick together – összeragad
to transfer – áttesz
to wrap – becsomagol
traditionally – hagyományosan
tray – tálca
tsp (teaspoon) – teáskanál
utensil – konyhai eszköz
whisk – habverő
wooden fork – fa villa

source: WoodlandsJunior, VideoJug

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