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Néhány "szerelmi" tanács idős pároktól - szövegértési feladattal. 

Love Advice From Seniors: How to Keep Your Relationship Going & Going

SunriseSenior Living in the US polled its residents across the nation to find the key to achieving a long and happy marriage.

The results were compiled into these Top 10 Love Tips and Relationship Advice.

1) Take Your Time

Love yourself first before you commit to another person and make sure the emotion involved is love and not simply infatuation. Follow your heart, but also use good judgment so that you aren’t rushing into anything.

2) Embrace the Romance

Do not be afraid to fall in love with someone and once you do, never forget the reason why you fell in love initially. One resident put it best, “Love is grand if you have the right person.”

3) Spend More Time Together

Companionship was their favorite aspect of being in love. Many couples enjoyed sharing interests, trying new things together and especially traveling with one another, which all help to keep the love alive.

4) ExpressYour Love

Whether it is a kiss goodbye or saying “I love you” every night before bed, it is important to remind your partner of your feelings toward them, especially the intimate ones.

5) Be with Someone Who is Kind

Love can be a beautiful thing, but kindness is necessary for a successful relationship. According to one resident, “Kind people will love you with all of their heart and don’t forget it.”

6) Love is a Two-Way Street

A successful relationship takes teamwork. Do away with the “me” and focus on remaining true to the person you love. Trust and understanding contribute to a happy, healthy relationship!

7) Be Patient With Each Other

Partners must have a lot of patience. Be understanding and supportive of each other’s dreams and take one another’s advice. Listening to one another is important.

8)Communicate Emotions

Be comfortable enough with each other to express your feelings, most importantly when you’re upset. Discuss things that are bothering you, instead of making them guess what you need so that you never go to bed angry.

9) Respect is Key

A majority of residents said that respecting their partner was an integral part of their relationship’s success. Respect and be true to each other even if opinions may differ.

10) Never Give Up

A successful relationship takes work. One resident explained how, “You don’t always have to like each other, but always love each other.” Working together will help the relationship overcome any difficulties.

Can you remember the ten pieces of advice? Let us revise a little bit – but now they are in a different order.

1. Be …………. with each other.

2. Love is a …………. street.

3. …………. your love.

4. Never …………. .

5. …………. your time.

6. Communicate …………. .

7. Be with someone who is ………….

8. Spend more time …………. .

9. …………. the romance.

10. …………. is the key.


1. patient

2. two-way

3. express

4. give up

5. take

6. emotions

7. kind

8. together

9. embrace

10. respect



idős ember

to poll

közvélemény kutatást tartani

to commit to somebody

elköteleződni valaki mellett


belebolondulás, belehabarodás valakibe

to embrace



szerelem, románc


lenyűgöző, nagyszerű

to keep the love alive

életben tartani a szerelmet

to express


to remind


with all of their heart

teljes szívükből

two-way street

kétirányú utca

to do away with something

leszámolni valamivel

to remain true

hűnek maradni






elkeseredett, szomorú

to bother

zavarni, bosszantani



integral part

szerves része valaminek

to differ


to give up


to take work

munkát igényel, dolgozni kell rajta

to overcome


Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés