A London Word Dictionary – Words Unique to London


Londoni szókincs mindenkinek - szavak, amelyek a brit fővárosban használatosak. 

One thing you’ll notice when you travel to London are all the strange words they use to describe things. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they don’t.

So, here’s your guide to some useful London Lingo or London Words.

Tube = London Underground Network

The Knowledge = The cumulative knowledge of London’s black cab drivers that they have to learn to be licensed. They have to learn every street in London.

Boris Bus = Boris Johnson’s key platform of replacing the old London Routemaster bus.

Red Ken = The name of London’s former Mayor Ken Livingston who leaned VERY far to the left.

The Standard = What some call the Evening Standard – the evening paper dedicated to London.

The City = The City of London – the square mile bit of central London that goes back two thousand years.

Square Mile = The City of London also

Congestion Charge = Tax on all cars entering the central London congestion charge zone.

Silicon Roundabout = Area around Old Street that’s a hub for new media and tech companies.

Council Estate = Public housing

The Blitz = Period in 1940 when London was bombed by the Nazis

M25 = The Orbital Highway that encircles London

Westway = Elevated Highway in West London

Mind the Gap = Watch your step when stepping from a train to a platform.

The Palace = When someone says the Palace they’re almost always referring to Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official residence in London.

Buck House = Buckingham Palace

The Tower = Tower of London

A-Z = A popular London map guide that’s indispensable to locals and long term visitors (extra note – Londoners will say ‘A to Zed’).

GMT = Greenwich Mean Time

Cockney = Someone born within earshot of the bells of St Mary-le-Bow

Offy = Convenience Store that sells alcohol

Off License = Convenience Store that sells alcohol

Take Away = Cheap to go food.

Crossrail = New cross London underground railway line currently under construction.

Bobby = London Policeman

Clip Joint = A club that claims to be a strip club but usually comes with £100 bottles of water. Avoid.

Zebra Crossing = Pedestrian crossing.

Home Counties = Generic name for the counties around London which are: Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Sussex.

Nappy Valley = Areas of London with high birth rates like Battersea.

source: londontopia.net

How much do you know about London? Can you fill in the gaps in the sentences with the words given?

Thames , England, founded, Romans, transport, financial centre, tourists, City, underground, immigrants, sights, religions


London is by far the largest city in …… (1) and the United Kingdom. 8.63 million people live in London, which is on the River …… (2). It is the capital of the United Kingdom.

London is the biggest city in Northwestern Europe, and the world’s largest ….. (3).

London was …… (4) by the …… (5) in AD 43 and called Londinium. London is also known as Lunnainn in Scottish Gaelic, Llundain in Welsh and Londain in Irish.

For a long time, London was a small city. All its people lived inside the walls that were built by the Romans. This area is still called the …… (6) of London. There were many villages around the city. Gradually, more and more people came to live there. Then, step by step, the villages joined together into one huge city.

The city has a huge network of …… (7) systems. The Victorians built a number of railway systems in the mid-19th century. Their main stations are in London, and the lines go to every corner of Great Britain. There were originally five major companies, which were merged into a national rail network in modern times.

There is also the world’s first …… (8) railway system, London Underground, which is the main way commuters get into London. There are five airports, though only one is actually in London (the City Airport).

Most people in London are British. However, London also has many …… (9). These people come from many different countries. They speak many different languages and have different …… (10) and cultures. There are also many people from different countries who stay in London on business. Many people visit London as …… (11). They may see the famous …… (12) of London. These include palaces, churches and museums.

London is one of the world’s most important cities for business, finance, and politics. It is also important for culture: media, entertainment, fashion, and art.


1. England

2. Thames

3. financial centre

4. founded

5. Romans

6. City

7. transport

8. underground

9. immigrants

10. religions

11. tourists

12. sights







felhalmozott, összegyűjtött

cab driver


to be licensed

hogy engedélyezzék őket






to lean


dedicated to

valaminek szentelve



congestion charge






ívesen hajló, orbitális

to encircle



magas, magasított





within earshot




to go food

elvihető étel

under construction

építés alatt

birth rate

születési ráta

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