Advent Calendar 2020 Day 1: Advent explained with Lego

Dezsényi I.-Salánki Á. | 2020. 12. 01.

Erre az évre is készítettünk nektek adventi naptárt, hogy együtt várhassuk a karácsonyt. A mai lecke legóval magyarázza el, hogy mi is az advent.

The word ’Advent’ comes from the Latin ’adventis’ which means coming. It is the time of preparation for Christmas, the feast that celebrates the coming of Jesus. Advent also reminds us that Jesus promised that he would come again at the end of time. The Advent wreath has four candles, one for each Sunday of Advent. Its green branches symbolize the new life we expect. In church the colour that is used during Advent is violet or purple. It’s the colour of penance and sacrifice but also of preparation. Halfway through Advent on Gaudete Sunday the colour is rose to celebrate that the time of waiting is almost over. Christians prepare during Advent by praying, by asking forgiveness and by helping those in need. The star you see behind many windows refers to the star of Bethlehem that pointed the wise men from the East to the child Jesus.  With an advent calendar kids can count down to Christmas Eve which marks the end of advent and the beginning of Christmas.

Can you find the synonyms to some of the words?

1. preparation a. bough
2. feast b. to end
3. to remind c. the Magi
4. branch d. to look forward to
5. to expect e. getting ready
6. church f. to apologise
7. to be over g. repentance
8. to ask forgiveness h. to make somebody remember
9. penance i. house of God
10. the wise men j. celebration


  1. e.
  2. j.
  3. h.
  4. a.
  5. d.
  6. i.
  7. a.
  8. f.
  9. g.
  10. c.
preparation készülés, készülődés
feast ünnep
to celebrate ünnepelni
the coming of Jesus Jézus eljövetele
to remind emlékeztetni
to promise megígérni
Advent wreath adventi koszorú
candle gyertya
branch ág
to expect várni
church templom
violet, purple lila
penance bűnbánat, megbánás
sacrifice áldozathozatal, áldozat
halfway through Advent az adventi időszak felénél
Gaudete Sunday Advent harmadik vasárnapja
rose rózsaszín
is almost over majdnem vége van
Christian keresztény, keresztyén
to pray imádkozni
to ask forgiveness bocsánatot kérni
those in need szükségben lévők, rászorulók
to refer utalni valamire
the wise men háromkirályok, bölcsek
to count down visszaszámlálni
Christmas Eve szenteste
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