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A kombájnvezető papagáj esete

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Rio tudja hol lakik, és haza is talál ... kocsival is:)

A ‘hungry and dehydrated’ parrot picked up by two farmers in Suffolk shocked its rescuers when it drove home unaided for 20 minutes

The confident bird was found by Mark Wells and Andrew Barber, both 40, who work at the George E Gittus & Sons farm in Bury St Edmunds. Wells and Barber stopped harvesting wheat as soon as they spotted a spark of colour in the field, and jumped from their machine to pick the macaw from the stalks below. Believing the exotic bird to be a lost pet, the farmers decided to take it back with them in the hope they could trace its owner. What they didn’t expect, however, was to see the colourful macaw grasp the wheel with its beak before steering the Claas Lexion 600 combine across the field for 20 minutes before reaching the farmers’ truck.

It’s odd enough to find a bird like that just hopping around a field in England – but to stumble across a bird that can steer a combine harvester is crazy,” said Georgie Wells, Mark’s wife. “It was amazing.”

The workers nicknamed the parrot Rio, describing him as a ‘natural operator’.

The macaw tried to steal the combine harvester,’ said Mr Wells. ‘Andrew took his hands off the steering wheel and let Rio steer us. We were in hysterics and just couldn’t stop laughing.”

The bird was given the spare room at the Wells’ house in Horringer, before being checked over by a vet and entrusted to a specialist breeder in thearea.
Mrs Wells added: “Rio was shy at first, but soon began to fly around the house, where he began to repeatedly say ‘hello’ and ‘hi’ to everyone.”

Macaws are usually found in forests, particularly rainforests, in central and south America and the Caribbean. They have large beaks, long, graceful tails and consist of 17 species – many of which are endangered.

source: metro.co.uk

confident - magabiztos
to harvest - aratni
wheat - búza
to spot – megpillantani, észrevenni
spark of colour – élénk színfolt
macaw - arapapagáj
stalk – (búza)szál
to trace – (ki)nyomozni
owner – gazda, tulaj(donos)
to expect – számítani valamire
to grasp – megragadni
wheel - kormány
beak - csőr
to steer - kormányozni
combine - kombájn
to reach - elérni
truck - tehergépkocsi
odd – különös, furcsa
to hop around - ugrándozni
to stumble across – rábukkani valamire
amazing – csodálatos, elképesztő
to nickname – becenevet adni
operator - gépkezelő
to steal - ellopni
harvester - arató
spare room – vendégszoba, szalon
vet - állatorvos
to entrust (something to someone) – rábízni valamit valakire
breeder - tenyésztő
area – (itt) környék
shy – félénk, szégyenlős
repeatedly - ismételten
graceful - kecses
tail - farok
to consist of – állni valamiből
species – faj, fajta
endangered - veszélyeztetett

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