A kanadai bankár esete a virágokkal

Fehér Sára | 2013. 08. 29.

Olvasd el hogyan végrendelkezett a kanadai bankár, és mi köze ennek a virágokhoz! 

Canadian banker leaves £2.3million in his will for Devon town to spend on flowers

A seaside resort is set to blossom after an investment banker left £2.3million in his will for the town to spend on a million flowers. Expat Keith Owen, 69, made his fortune in Canada and travelled the world, but always returned to Sidmouth in Devon. So when he developed lung cancer, he decided to hand his estate to the civic society to keep the resort “beautiful”.

Alan Darrant, of the Sid Vale Association, said former RAF pilot Keith told them before his death in 2007: “Think of things that will get everyone together – I don’t know, plant a million bulbs.”

Because he was an expat it took five years to get the green light, but in October the first wave of planting, worth £166,000, begins. Volunteers will spread daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses over 50 sites. His will stated the £2.3million capital should stay untouched with the £120,000 annual interest to be spent on schemes in Sidmouth, Sidford and Sidbury.

DivorcedKeith, who had no children, was born in nearby Totnes and left Britain in 1976, but he often visited Sidmouth, where his mum lived before her death.

Rev Handel Bennett, SVA president, said: “He was clearly very kind. He loved Sidmouth so much he wanted to ensure it could be preserved."

source: mirror.co.uk

seaside resort– tengerparti üdülőhely
to blossom – virágozni
investment (banker) – befektetési (bankár)
will – végrendelet
expat – külföldre települt/kitelepült polgár
lung cancer – tüdőrák
to hand (something) to (someone) – átadni (valamit valakinek)
estate – vagyon, (föld)birtok
civic society – polgári társaság
to get everyone together
– összehozni mindenkit
to plant – (el)ültetni
bulb – virághagyma
to get the green light – zöld utat kapni, engedélyt kapni
wave – hullám
daffodil – (sárga) nárcisz
snowdrop – hóvirág
crocus – sáfrány
site – hely(szín), telek
to state – kijelenteni
capital – (alap)tőke
untouched – érintetlen
annual – évi, éves
interest – kamat
scheme – tervezet, terv, program
clearly – egyértelműen, tisztán láthatóan
to ensure biztosítani
to preserve – megőrizni 

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