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Miért fogy több pizza, ha hideg van?

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Ebből az olvasás értést ellenőrző feladatból megtudhatod miért fogy több pizza, ha hideg van.

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

The UK's largest pizza delivery firm Domino's has reported buoyant sales in the first three months of the year, as consumers trapped indoors by the cold weather turned to ………………… (1) food sent directly to their doors. ………………… (2) in Domino's 670 UK stores were up 6.6% in the first quarter of 2013 compared with the same period last year, the company reported, attributing strong growth in part to new products, such as a hot-dog stuffed crust pizza, as well as 'buy one get one ………………… (3)' offers.

The pizza ………………… (4) firm did a roaring trade in the cold snap, shaking off the effects of snowfall that had previously hit sales. ………………… (5) the first seven weeks of 2013, when heavy snowfall snarled up traffic in many parts of the country, sales growth was 1.7%, but rose to over 12% in final six weeks of trading. "All in all it was a very strong end to the quarter," said Lee Ginsberg, Domino's chief financial officer. "Some of the really cold weather has been keeping people ………………… (6)."

Domino's also reported that it now makes 62% of UK sales via the internet, up from 50% one year ago. Pizza lovers are increasingly using their smart ………………… (7) to place their orders and tapped in £82.4m of orders via mobile devices in the first quarter. Ginsberg said some stores had made 80% of their sales online during online promotions, which "shows where the ………………… (8) is".

Domino's expansion shows no sign of slowing and the company confirmed plans to ………………… (9) 60 new outlets in the UK this year, as well doubling its franchises in Germany, taking the store count to 36. The company reported ………………… (10) sales in six "mature" stores in Germany rose 40% in the first quarter from a low base. The German business is not expected to be profitable until 2015.

source: Guardian

1.       A) slow, B) quick, C) fast, D) cheap
2.       A) bills, B) sales, C) salaries, D) money
3.       A) home, B) half, C) away, D) free
4.       A) delivery, B) consumer, C) factory, D) cooking
5.       A) When, B) During, C) Still, D) Already
6.       A) at work, B) outdoors, C) at the pub, D) indoors
7.       A) brains, B) phones, C) friends, D) bank accounts
8.       A) news, B) past, C) money, D) future
9.       A) open, B) shut down, C) sell, D) clean up

Answers: 1) C, 2) B, 3) D, 4) A, 5) B, 6) D, 7) B, 8) D, 9) A

delivery – szállítás, kézbesítés
buoyant – élénk, lendületes
consumer - fogyasztó
trapped – beszorult, valahol ragadt
directly – egyenesen
quarter - negyed
to compare - összehasonlítani
to attribute - tulajdonítani
growth - növekedés
product - termék
stuffed - töltött
crust – (kenyér)héj, (pizza tészta) perem
offer – ajánlat, kínálat
roaring – (itt) rendkívül sikeres
cold snap – hirtelen, rövid lehülés
to shake off - lerázni
to snarl up – bonyolítani, megnehezíteni
to rise – növekedni, emelkedni
financial officer – pénzügyi vezető
increasingly – egyre inkább
order - megrendelés
to tap in -  besöpörni
expansion - terjeszkedés
sign - jel
to confirm – alátámasztani, igazolni
mature – érett, fejlett
to expect – várni, számítani valamire
profitable - jövedelmező

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