Conditionals Gap Fill

Conditionals Gap Fill

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Gyakoroljuk egy kicsit a feltételes módot ezzel teszttel! 


Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1.    If I _______ you, I would ask her out on a date. (be)

2.    If you _________ harder last week, you would surely pass your exam now. (study)

3.    Call me, as soon as you ________. (arrive)

4.    If you don’t do more work, you ________ the exam. (fail)

5.    I’ll have lunch before I _______. (leave)

6.    Take an extra jumper in case the weather ______ cold later. (get)

7.    If I haven’t come back by 8, _______ dinner without me. (start)

8.    If he hadn’t broken his leg, he ________ at the match now. (play)

9.    I _________ you a present if I had known it was your birthday. (buy)

10.  If it __________ for the blizzard, we could have skied. (be)

11.  If he _________ fluent French, he would get the job. (speak)

12.  I’ll have to write it down before I ______ it. (forget)

13.  If I could live anywhere in the world, I _______ in Hawaii. (live)

14.  They _______ married until they buy an apartment. (not get)

15.  You can’t go out until you ________ your homework. (finish)

16.  They wouldn’t have gone on holiday here if they ______ that the weather would be this bad. (know)

17.  If you hadn’t bought three pairs of shoes last week, you _________ more money now. (have)

18.  If you _______ so much noise, I could concentrate better. (make)


1.    were

2.    had studied

3.    arrive

4.    will fail

5.    leave

6.    gets

7.    start

8.    would play

9.    would have bought

10.  hadn’t been

11.  spoke

12.  forget

13.  would live

14.  won’t get

15.  finish

16.  had known

17.  would have

18.  weren’t making

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