New English words - part II

New English words - part II

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Új szavak - második rész teszttel és definíciókkal.

Match the new words with the definitions.

1 me time

a) a young woman who has become a celebrity through intense media coverage

2 loom band

b) the years between 2000 and 2009 which contain a 'nought' (zero)

3 It girl

c) a digital file available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device

4 noughties

d) wrinkles around the neck caused by looking down at phones, tablets, etc.

5 photobomb

e) blend of 'Twitter' and 'peeps' (people);
users who follow you on Twitter

6 podcast

f)a web page which allows multiple users to contribute to its content

7 tech neck

g) presentation or seminar conducted over the web

8 tweeps

h) intrusion into the background of a photograph just before it is taken

9 webinar

i) a period of time spent exclusively on yourself doing something that you enjoy and allows you to relax

10 wiki

j) a small bracelet made from brightly-coloured rubber bands which are woven together in a variety of configurations

Key: 1-i, 2-j, 3-a, 4-b, 5-h, 6-c, 7-d, 8-e, 9-g, 10-f

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