Rendhagyó igék teszt

Rendhagyó igék teszt

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Gyakoroljuk  rendhagyó igéket ezzel a feladattal! 

Irregular Verbs Test

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1.    ‘What did you do last night?’ ‘Nothing special. I friend of mine ______ by and we had a nice chat.’ (swing)

2.    ‘Were you fired?’ ‘No, I _______’. (quit)

3.    I’m afraid my aunt ________ a much nicer picture of me and now you’re disappointed. (draw)

4.    The soldiers ______ like a tiger in the Battle of Hastings. (fight)

5.    I _________ my best friend for almost twenty years now. We went to high school together. (know)

6.    She had a horrible headache, so she ______ down after lunch. (lie)

7.    He couldn’t answer, he just _______ his head. (shake)

8.    It was a very good speech. You _____ to the point the whole time. (stick)

9.    This morning I _________ by the terrible sound of my neighbour’s truck. (wake up)

10.She ________ the handle but nothing happened. (wind)

11.I ______ to him that I hadn’t seen anything from the accident. (swear)

12.John ________ $1000 for the horse which came in second. (bet)

13.This designer coat must __________ you a fortune. (cost)

14.Don’t talk to him. He is in a mood. His team ______ again yesterday. (lose)

15.I can’t believe that we _________ by that crappy team last week. (beat)

16.Yesterday I _______ the whole garden up but I couldn’t find my wedding ring that our son had buried. (dig)

17.I think the suspects ___________ the country by now. (flee)

18.I’m sorry, I ____________ with your application, yet. (deal)


1.    swung

2.    quit

3.    has drawn

4.    fought

5.    have known

6.    lay

7.    shook

8.    stuck

9.    was woken up

10.  wound

11.  swore

12.  bet

13.  have cost

14.  lost

15.  were beat/beaten

16.  dug

17.  have fled

18.  haven’t dealt

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